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Lighting up the lungs

Diseases that affect the lungs are some of the most common in the world: asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia being just a few examples. Proteus will showcase their digital lung exhibit which enables a user to see and do what a doctor would if they were trying to diagnose lung disease in a patient.

The user will (all through the digital game) guide the fibre through the patients lung, administer a chemical that detects disease, then the user can diagnose the disease and choose the correct treatment. The upgraded demo incorporates the new Versicolour element and perform optical imaging.

The Proteus project researchers, from the Universities of Edinburgh, Bath and Heriot Watt, are developing a suite of technologies to improve the diagnoses and treatment of lung disease spanning critically ill patients with devastating lung injury to patients with lung cancer. Ongoing clinical studies are using chemical probes sprayed locally into the lungs to bind to harmful bacteria, allowing doctors to diagnose possible lung infections within minutes at the bedside. Diagnosing patients quickly and accurately in this way will enable doctors to treat with the correct medication as well as reducing the need for unnecessary antibiotics.