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Multiple organisation scenarios

Using the UK Research and Innovation logo in multi-partner situations

Although the UK Research and Innovation logo often appears on its own, there are occasions when it sits alongside other logos, such as other partner organisations, for example academies. 

In these situations, while every effort should be made to accommodate the brand requirements of both parties, true ‘co-branding’ is almost impossible to achieve, since merging two brands results in a third – different – brand. An acceptable alternative is to retain the branding of one organisation and include the logos of all parties. 

In multiple-logo situations, the aim should be to achieve ‘visual parity’ – where all the logos look balanced. The exact height and/or length dimensions of all logos cannot always be matched, as some will be portrait and others landscape in shape. Minimum logo sizes and exclusion zones should be observed. 

Councils and the UKRI logo

Where three or more UKRI councils are involved in initiating, managing and/or delivering a programme, the UKRI logo can be included in relevant documents or promotional materials where the Council logos are already in use.

It is not intended that the UKRI logo replaces Councils’ logos or the lead council’s branding; the decision should reflect the terms of any partnership or joint venture agreement. Where space or word count is a consideration, three or more councils can be referred to collectively as ‘UK Research and Innovation Councils’ or ‘UKRI Councils’.

Partners and the UKRI logo

Grant holders, funding partners and collaborators who have a relationship or partnership with a UKRI council are not required to apply a UKRI logo. As previously, they should apply the branding of the council(s) with which they have a relationship or from which they have received funding when communicating about the partnership or funding. They may elect to use the UKRI logo and/or include a descriptor of the council’s relationship to UKRI.

Institutes and the UKRI logo

Institutes belonging to a UKRI council must take particular care to make clear their relationship to UKRI, for example in job adverts and contracts of employments; contracts with suppliers or customers; and other legal or formal documents. They should do this by using the two-way locked-in logo showing their ‘parent’ council’s logo alongside the UKRI logo. Institutes may apply for a two-way locked-in logo showing their own logo alongside the UKRI logo.

Council institutes are not in scope for UKRI brand requirements; decisions relating to institute brands remain with each institute director. We welcome directors incorporating the UK Research and Innovation logo as appropriate and at their discretion.

UKRI programmes

UKRI manages a number of flagship programmes and initiatives, for example:

  • Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF)
  • Strategic Priorities Fund
  • Future Leader Fellowships (FLF)
  • Infrastructure Roadmap
  • Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF)
  • Newton Fund

These programmes and initiatives should always be referred to as belonging to or part of UK Research and Innovation:

  • In writing, the title of the programme should be preceded by ‘UK Research and Innovation’.
  • In speech, the programme should be referred to as the “UK Research and Innovation XXX fund” or the “UKRI XXX fellowships”.
  • In promotional literature and visual media, the UKRI logo should be displayed prominently wherever possible.

Where a council has a specific involvement in a particular programme, it may also display its logo alongside the UKRI logo and, if/where it exists, the programme logo. When this is part of a Council communication or channel, for example on a Council website, Council branding will apply. If you are uncertain about how to brand UKRI-wide programmes please contact jrs@jrs.ac.uk.

Research Councils UK

Prior to the creation of UK Research and Innovation, the UK Research Councils formed a strategic partnership called Research Councils UK, through which joint programmes were initiated, managed and/or delivered. 

These include, for example:

  • RCUK Open Access Policy
  • RCUK Policy and Guidelines on Governance of Good Research Conduct
  • RCUK Welsh Language Scheme

Many of these joint initiatives and programmes will transfer to UK Research and Innovation; if so, once adopted, they will be referred to as UK Research and Innovation initiatives and programmes. If and until adopted by UKRI, these should be referred to as ‘RCUK’ policies and guides.

Research Councils UK has been dissolved and the RCUK logo should no longer be used.