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Health and Safety Policy

As a new body established on the 1st April 2018, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has brought together the Health and Safety (H&S) management systems of seven Research Councils (RCs), Innovate UK and a new organisation, Research England. This H&S policy (PDF, 1.9MB) has been established to consolidate these management systems and will be developed to further integrate these within a UKRI H&S management system. Existing H&S policies may continue to be maintained by individual RCs beneath this UKRI policy.

This policy will be reviewed annually, or more frequently as determined by organisational change, legislation etc. and is communicated to all UKRI staff and made available to staff here through the UKRI website.

Our policy requires us to comply with the H&S Law as it applies to UKRI, a list of commonly applicable H&S legislation (PDF, 109KB) has been identified.

Please contact Adrian Ferrier for further information or feedback: Adrian.Ferrier@ukri.org