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Strategic Prospectus: Building the UKRI Strategy

UKRI Strategic Prospectus

Insight, Inspiration, Impact

UK Research and Innovation Strategic Prospectus will ensure everyone in society benefits from world-leading research and innovation.

The Strategic Prospectus will create a research and innovation system that is fit for the future and equipped to tackle the environmental, social and economic challenges of the 21st Century.

It will ensure UKRI responds to important opportunities, fosters excellence and collaboration on the global stage, and draws on the inspiration and insight of our most talented researchers and innovators.

The sections below outline how we will strengthen the UK’s world-leading knowledge economy and deliver impact across society.

A copy of the Strategic Prospectus is available to download.

Ministerial Introduction

The UK’s ability to thrive in a changing world, to solve the challenges we face as a society and to build a prosperous economy depends more than anything on ideas. To succeed, we must push the frontiers of knowledge, and find new ways to put our knowledge to practical use. That is why the power of ideas sits at the heart of the UK’s Industrial Strategy.

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UK Research and Innovation will play a fundamental role in ensuring the UK is able to meet the unprecedented societal and industrial challenges that we face both locally and internationally.

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Vision, Mission and Values

Human civilisations have been shaped by their ability to generate and use knowledge. Knowledge is a cultural good and applying it wisely is vital to our health, wealth, wellbeing and resilience.

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Foundations for excellent research and innovation

To achieve our vision, we need to get the foundations right. We will focus on four key areas; leading talent, openness and transparency, a trusted and diverse system, and creating a strong and responsible culture.

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Pushing the frontiers of human knowledge and understanding

The UK is one of the world’s most successful research nations. Despite having less than 1 % of the world’s population, and only 2.7% of global spending on research and development, the UK produces 15.2 % of the world’s most highly cited research papers.

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Delivering economic impact

Sustainable economic growth for developed economies like the UK can only come from innovation – the application of new ideas and knowledge.

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Creating social and cultural impact

Research and innovation must evolve if they are to meet the changing needs of society. The population of the planet is growing at an unprecedented rate and, in many countries including the UK, people are living longer than ever before.

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How we will deliver and be accountable

UKRI is responsible for a large and growing budget. In 2018 alone, it accounts for over £6 billion of investment in research and innovation, the majority of UK public expenditure on R&D.

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Best environment for research and innovation

At a time of national and global change it is crucial that the UK continues to provide the best possible environment for research and innovation to flourish.

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