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UK Research Partnership Investment Fund

University of Dundee - Centre for Translational and Interdisciplinary Research

The University of Dundee was awarded £12 million in the first round of the UK Research Partnership Investment Fund for the Discovery Centre for Translational and Interdisciplinary Research, attracting in excess of £25 million in co-investment.

Although construction of the Centre was underway, the University was only able to furnish half of the space. The UKRPIF award catalysed further investment, including £14 million by the Wellcome Trust to establish the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research and £8 million to power drug discovery programmes in close partnership with GlaxoSmithKline, and enabling the building to be fully equipped.

The main ‘translation’ force is the Drug Discovery Unit, occupying two floors of the Centre and housing over 100 staff. This unit translates discovery science into potential drugs for infectious diseases like malaria, tuberculosis and leishmaniasis, and also into targets for other conditions like Alzheimer’s, skin diseases and cancer.