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UKRI corporate plan 2020-21

UKRI has published its corporate plan for 2020-21 (PDF, 5.8MB). It sets out its new vision that will guide how it works with its multiple partners and communities to bring about ‘an outstanding research and innovation system in the UK that gives everyone the opportunity to contribute and to benefit, enriching lives locally, nationally and internationally.’

The thirty-page document shows the breadth and complexity of the interconnected research and innovation landscape and how UKRI’s mission ‘to convene, catalyse and invest in close collaboration with others to build a thriving, inclusive research and innovation system that connects discovery to prosperity and public good ’ will be achieved.

The plan demonstrates how UKRI-funding has been used to contribute to the UK’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic crisis, from understanding the spread of COVID-19, its impact on society, to its efforts in the development of diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines.

It also cites examples to illustrate how UKRI is working with partners to tackle local, national and global challenges, such as research sustainability, modern slavery, digitisation, and climate change.

The plan sets out the four elements of how UKRI will deliver on its mission, these are:

  • to convene and catalyse by listening to and connecting diverse communities to create new combinations, and working in partnership with others
  • to incentivise the development of a research and innovation system that realises its vision via its choice, policies and behaviour
  • to invest in people, ideas and infrastructure
  • to conduct high-quality research and innovation.

Each element has a set of priority objectives for the year that cross reference with other aspects of UKRI’s plan. The document lays out how each of the nine constituent councils’ strategies and activities will combine to deliver UKRI’s mission together.