Expanding Excellence in England (E3) independent assessment panel

Closing date
3 January 2023 12:00 midday UK time
Number of positions
Length of term
2 panel meetings in 2023
Time commitment
Maximum of 6 days
£170 per day
Outcomes communicated date
Early February 2023

Research England is seeking applications for expert panel members for its E3 fund’s independent assessment panel.

Panel members will advise on funding decisions arising from the second round of E3 funding (academic year 2024 to 2025 to academic year 2028 to 2029). They will consider the submission criteria and evidence required, making funding recommendations to Research England’s Executive Chair.

We aim to secure panel members with a diverse range of experiences and expertise that provide a comprehensive range of knowledge to support funding recommendations. We actively welcome and encourage applications from under-represented groups.

Who we’re looking for

Applicants should demonstrate that they meet the following 3 criteria:

  1. Significant knowledge and expertise relevant to the E3 fund, demonstrated by experience working in a professional capacity in 2 or more of the following:
    • the UK research and development (R&D) sectors, particularly in a higher education provider
    • driving impact in a local or regional setting
    • research collaborations between universities or external organisations, or both
    • higher education research funding
    • developing or managing research departments or research capacity building projects, or both
    • contributing to or developing national R&D policy, or both
  2. Experience providing evidence-based insight and recommendations (for example, membership of funding panels, executive boards or similar; or professional consultancy).
  3. Experience in strategic level decision-making.

Alongside the ability to satisfy the criteria, Research England will also seek to achieve a balance across the panel based on the following criteria:

  • research discipline
  • location of primary institutional affiliation
  • institutional background

What you’ll be doing

The expert panel will serve 2 primary purposes:

  1. Assess submissions at the expression of interest panel and provide advice on which applications should go through to the full bid stage.
  2. Assess submissions at the full bid panel and provide advice on funding decisions.

The panel will be chaired by Professor Mary Stuart, former Vice Chancellor of Lincoln.

Panel members will be expected to attend 2 panel meetings (preferably in person, or hybrid if needed). There will be time commitment that includes preparation for, and participation in the panel meetings. Any expenses incurred for related travel and subsistence (for example, overnight stays) can be covered.

Timescales and commitments

Panel pre-meeting (online format)

Approximate dates: week commencing 27 March 2023.

Approximate commitment: short preparatory discussion, no preparation needed.

Expression of interest

Approximate dates: week commencing 1 May 2023.

Approximate commitment: 2 days preparation, 1 day panel.

Full bid

Approximate dates: week commencing 13 November 2023.

Approximate commitment: 2 days preparation, 1 day panel.

How to apply

Please complete the SurveyMonkey form by 3 January 2023, 12:00 midday UK time.

Please note you will need to attach a single A4 page CV (in PDF format) to the online application.

How we’ll assess your application

The chair of the independent assessment panel and the E3 programme management team from Research England will review submissions against the criteria and balance required across a multidisciplinary panel.

Further information

Applications are welcomed irrespective of age, disability, sex, gender identity, race, religion, or sexual orientation and we actively encourage applications from under-represented groups.

The selection of panel membership will aim to secure a diverse range of experiences and expertise that provide a comprehensive range of knowledge to support funding recommendations.

Conflicts of interest

The panel must declare any conflicts of interest when and as they arise. This includes:

  • direct employment with any organisation named as an applicant or partner in a bid for the funding
  • direct benefit from any funding recommendations, either financially or professionally

Panel members will abstain from participation in the appropriate parts of the panel meeting that may result in a conflict of interest, either direct or indirect.

Terms of reference

The expert panel will make recommendations to the Research England Executive Chair on:

  • bids to be supported in the second round of the competition
  • any terms and conditions to be attached to specific projects

The expert panel will provide advice to the Research England Executive Chair on:

  • the overall conduct of the competition for the E3 fund
  • the approach to be taken on monitoring and evaluation to provide evidence that the funding has delivered the objectives of E3 and to support any case for future rounds of the competition
  • the fund’s guidance and criteria, drawing on the experience of this round of funding, to deliver fully the government’s and Research England’s policy priorities and the objectives of the fund should future rounds of the competition be taken forward
  • the appropriateness of processes for due diligence and confirming awards (such as requesting additional information or setting project-specific terms and conditions)
  • any other comments on the successes or challenges of the fund and the influence on overall directions in research policy in the long term

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