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Innovate UK legacy Terms and Conditions

Transferred HEFCE employees will remain on the legacy terms and conditions set out below on this page, until such a time that that an employee meets the circumstances when the new terms will apply.

For further information on when these circumstances will apply, please refer to Circumstances under which UKRI Terms and Conditions & Pay System will be applied.

Changes to these terms, policies or procedures will be set out in Statement of Transfer under Measures. If there is any doubt on how the policy operates or which terms apply to you, please refer to your local UKRI HR team for further advice.

  • Innovate UK Employee Terms include (PDF, 12.2MB);
    • Anti-Bribery Policy
    • Anti-Fraud Policy
    • Principles for Secondments
    • Bullying and Harassment Policy
    • Capability Policy
    • Code of Conduct Policy
    • Disciplinary Policy
    • Employee Handbook
    • Entertainment Policy
    • Expenses Policy
    • Family Leave Policy
    • Field Working Policy
    • Flexible Working Policy
    • Gifts & Hospitality Policy
    • Grievance Policy
    • Health and Safety Policy
    • Homeworking Policy
    • Information Security Policy
    • Information Management Policy
    • Salary Bands
    • Management of Absence
    • Managing Conflicts of Interest
    • Diversity & Equality Opportunities Policy
    • Procurement Policy
    • Records Management Policy
    • Redundancy Policy
    • Secure Desk Policy
    • Social Media Policy
    • Substance Misuse Policy
    • Training & Development
    • Whistleblowing Policy