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UKRI HR Policy Framework

For current policy, please scroll down to UKRI Terms and Conditions.

Message from Geoff Robins, Transformation Director and Interim CPO

As part of our Transformation programme UKRI is introducing a streamlined HR policy framework for employees from 06 January 2020, resulting in common terms and conditions for non-pay related aspects of employment across UKRI. 

This HR policy framework has been agreed with Trade Unions, significantly reducing the number of HR policies and incorporating much of the local HR policy across UKRI.

In summary there are no changes to policy except that shared parental pay can now be claimed over a longer period of time and greater discretion is given to line management, particularly in agreeing special leave requests. 

Please note Reward, including pay and allowances, pension provision and employee benefits fall outside of the scope of the changes so will continue as is.

Greater detail of the revised policy framework is attached. HR teams have been fully briefed and there will be continuing workshops to provide support and information to colleagues.

If you have any questions, please contact the PPM mailbox and we will engage within 48 hours.

Proposed Policy Suite

Employee Notifications

Information on HR policy work in progress, scheduled to be introduced by 31 March 2020:

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy
  • Learning and Development policy
  • Promotion policy
  • Wellbeing policy

Governance, Assurance and Risk policies applicable to UKRI employees:

Harmonised and local policy that will continue to apply, including pay and benefits policies, health and safety, information systems and other HR policies currently under review are detailed in the employee notifications.

UKRI Terms and Conditions

Most new employees into UKRI with a start date post 1 April 2018 will be subject to the employment terms and conditions listed below on this page.

Additionally staff that transferred into UKRI may be subject to these terms if they meet the circumstance in which the new terms will be applied. For further information on this please refer to Circumstances under which UKRI Terms and Conditions & Pay System will be applied.

If there is any doubt which terms apply to you, please refer to your local UKRI HR team for further advice.

  • Legacy terms for staff that transferred from the research councils can be found here.
  • Legacy terms for staff that transferred from HEFCE can be found here.
  • Legacy terms for staff that transferred from Innovate UK can be found here.
  • For staff that have transferred from Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) please refer to your local HR team for further advice.

Many of these terms are a continuation of those that originally applied to research council employees. UKRI is a new organisation which replaces the Research Councils and as UKRI is still in the process of updating the below terms to reflect this, where there is a reference to Research Council this should be read as a reference to UKRI.

Newly published guidance

The most recently published guidance is available below:

Whistleblowing Policy

The aim of this Policy is to encourage and enable employees to speak out when they encounter or suspect serious concerns within UKRI, without fear losing their job or suffering any form of disadvantage or discrimination. UKRI recognises that employees may not wish to raise their concern with management, therefore have appointed Fiona Driscoll as the Freedom to Speak up Guardian, who will report confidentially to Sophie Purdey in Governance Assurance Risk and Information (GARI). If you are considering raising a concern you should read this policy first.

Guidance on Policies

This document provides guidance for policy authors and owners to ensure a structured approach to UKRI operational policies so that they ;

  • Reflect regulations and best practice,
  • Are maintained and up to date,
  • Consider impact assessments,
  • Clear and easy to understand
  • Easily accessible to all UKRI employees.   

Modern Slavery Act (MSA)

In line with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in all its activities and contractual suppliers, whilst working with them to ensure that their supply chains are also free from slavery and human trafficking. 

Gifts & Hospitality

This policy covers the offering and acceptance of gifts and hospitality and the important role that the gifts and hospitality register(s) play in ensuring transparency and compliance with the seven principles of Public Life. It is underpinned by the UKRI Code of Conduct.

Conflicts Of Interest

This policy covers conflict of interest and the important role that UKRI staff play in ensuring transparency and compliance with the seven principles of Public Life.  The policy is underpinned by the UKRI Code of Conduct and applies to all UKRI employees.

Beyond the employment terms and conditions listed, some councils have specific additional policies and guidance documents relevant for that council.

Any doubt which policy refers to you, please contact your relevant HR team.

*Please note the Knowledgebase and Conditions of Employment Memoranda Webpages are intranet sites and may only available for the relevant council staff to access them.