Introducing R4RI: a better way for you to evidence your contributions

The Résumé for Research and Innovation (R4RI) guidance has now been published. Read the guidance.

How we’re developing R4RI for funding opportunities

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is rolling out R4RI, a flexible narrative CV template, across funding opportunities that require track record information. The rollout of R4RI will take place in parallel to the development of the new Funding Service.

During this transition, some funding opportunities being run in either Je-S or the new service may ask for an R4RI. Please check which format to use for the opportunities to which you are applying. This information can be found in the opportunity’s guidance.

UKRI is also working with others across the research and innovation community to support the widespread adoption of R4RI-like narrative CVs. You can find out more about our work to support the community adoption of R4R-like narrative CVs.

What is an R4RI?

R4RI is a flexible narrative CV template. It’s designed to help you, or your team, evidence a wider range of skills and experience (than a traditional academic CV) when applying for UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) funding opportunities. It is part of a wider UKRI ambition to create a more inclusive and supportive research and innovation culture.

How we’re developing it

R4RI is being supported through the implementation of the new Funding Service.

Feedback from an initial set of pilots in different funding opportunities has helped us develop guidance and shaped our approach, including the development of a harmonised R4RI template. Use this template when asked by the guidance for the opportunity to which you are applying.

How we’re supporting other funders through the Résumé Library

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is a member of the Joint Funders Group. This is a community of practice that forms part of UKRI’s work in supporting widespread adoption of narrative CVs and includes co-created resources shared via the Résumé Library.

The use of any material(s) from the Résumé Library is shared under the creative commons licensing. It requires that the Joint Funders Group be acknowledged in any work which has benefited or borrowed from the resources in replicated or adapted works.

Tell us what you think about R4RI

If you have used R4RI, as an applicant or assessor, we’d welcome your feedback

Last updated: 17 January 2023

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