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The Individual Merit Promotion (IMP) scheme is the main route for senior scientific researchers, who have made, and who will continue to make, an outstanding personal contribution in their field, to gain promotion.

The research councils, and other participating organisations, are invited to make nominations annually for individual merit promotion.

The scheme is currently administered by NERC.

Individual benefits to IMP members
IMP leaflet
IMP procedure
IMP process – Step by step

How you can be nominated for an IMP

If you are an employee of a participating organisation, and fulfil the criteria for the scheme, your organisation will have information about the timetable and process for submitting nominations to the IMP Team in NERC.

Invitations for nominations are sent out in June and the closing date is usually the beginning of September.

IMP submission form
IMP submission guidance notes
Equal opportunities monitoring form
IMP candidate guidance notes

Periodic review of IMP holders

If you are successful, you will continue to hold IMP as long as you continue to meet the criteria for the scheme, and continue to maintain the standards for which it was awarded. To ensure that the overall and individual standards of the scheme are being maintained, your IMP will be reviewed, within a maximum of five years from the initial promotion and at similar intervals afterwards.

Copies of the scheme documents:

IMP periodic review submission form
IMP periodic review guidance notes

You can read panel members’ career profiles.

Case studies and timelines of some successful IMPs

Read case studies and timelines of some successful IMPs.

The IMP mentoring scheme

The IMP mentoring scheme aims to enable current IMP scientists to encourage and support those who are considering going for IMP within the next few years.


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