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The Individual Merit Promotion (IMP) mentoring scheme aims to enable current IMP scientists to encourage and support people who are thinking about going for IMP in the next few years as well as those who consider it to be within their future career path.

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How to find a mentor

The IMP mentors are volunteers from within the IMP network. The mentors will have achieved either IMP ‘band 2’ or ‘band 3’ status. We have a variety of people from different scientific fields and from each of the participating organisations. Personal profiles of each mentor are available below. Mentors should be contacted directly.

If a mentor cannot take on any more mentees, they will be removed temporarily from this list.

Unlike other internal mentoring schemes, matching of mentors and mentees are not done centrally.

List of BAS mentors

List of BGS mentors

List of CEH mentors

List of Natural History Museum mentors

List of NOC mentors

List of Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh mentors

List of Royal Botanic Gardens Kew mentors

List of STFC mentors


Lucy Griffith, Mentoring Scheme Coordinator

Lucy will keep contact with both the mentees and mentors to review how things are going.


Telephone: 01235 445101

Last updated: 15 November 2021

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