Event: MRC Industry Collaboration Framework launch

11:00 to 12:30 UK time
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Registration closed
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Suitable for all interested in MRC collaborative research projects

MRC has launched a new Industry Collaboration Framework (ICF) to support applicants submitting collaborative research projects. The framework ensures that the necessary discussions have been initiated between the partners and that the nature of the collaboration is compliant with MRC guidelines.

The ICF replaces the MRC Industry Collaboration Agreement process and aims to reduce the administrative burden on applicants by improving the process and providing clearer guidance.

It will apply to all MRC opportunities opening after 27 April 2022.

Join us to find out more

Please register for our webinar and join us to find out more about using the new framework if:

  • you are thinking about collaborating with an industry partner
  • you support academic researchers in submitting collaborative proposals.

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