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FOI disclosure log

UK Research and Innovation’s disclosure log lists our responses to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.

An index log of all FOIs and EIRs available on this site can be found here (PDF, 500KB).

Further information on our councils is available.

2019/0158 EPSRC-supported Case/iCase Awards (EPSRC)

A list of industrial partners in receipt of EPSRC-supported CASE/iCASE awards in past year

28 June 2019
2019/0123 CDT Panel G and grant information (EPSRC)

Information and guidance, scores, ranking, notes and correspondence relating to the CDT Panel G and grant EP/S024328/1.

20 May 2019
2019/0120 Landline/Broadband Contract Information (UKRI)

Further questions relating to UKRI landline/broadband contracts following response issued for FOI 2019/0056.

15 May 2019
2019/0118 Future City Demonstrator grant awarded to Peterborough City Council (IUK)

Expenditure in excel format, of the £3 million Future City Demonstrator grant awarded to Peterborough City Council.  

15 May 2019
2019/0110 Trade Misson Directors (IUK)

A list of directors of all companies who have gone on any trade missions.

17 April 2019
2019/0100 Innovate UK Smart Grants (IUK)

The number of entrants/applications for the Smart Grants which had a deadline of Thursday 25th April 2019 and the number applicants of categories listed within ‘Feasibility Study’, ‘Industrial Research’ and ‘Experimental Development’. 

01 May 2019
2019/0099 Data Files Held on Specific Search Terms (NERC)

A list of search results for data files NERC hold on 11 specific search terms, including bee colonies, crop growth tables and solar power stations.

29 April 2019
2019/0096 IDP 15 Feasibility Studies competition (IUK)

Application statistics, such as scores and numbers of applications, for feasibility study projects for the IDP 15 Feasibility Studies competition (Innovate UK Competition ID 239).

16 April 2019
2019/0094 Telephone Maintenance (AHRC)

AHRCTelephone maintenance contract for hardware and software maintenance and support.

11 April 2019
2019/0093 Surface Intelligence Limited (IUK)

Number of successful and unsuccessful applicants in Round 2 of the Open Grant funding Competition 2019.​

11 April 2019
2019/0092 5G Technology (NERC)

Research on effects of non ionising radiation in the environment and on the mammalian biology.

11 April 2019
2019/0089 Mobile Phone contracts (UKRI)

Review outcomes from contract renewal as noted in previous FOI2018/0226 UKRI.

28 March 2019
2019/0088 Diet and Health Research Industry Club (UKRI)

Overseas Development Assistance spending information for the following 2 projects - 2014 Diet and Health Research Industry Club (DRINC) (2016004594) and Tobacco Internation Perspective (A2, A7) (2011800993) - What the money was used for, start/end date, countries that benefitted from the research.

27 March 2019
2019/0087 Transforming Accountancy (IUK)

Requests for information regarding the transformation accountancy, insurance and legal services with AI and data grant funding competition 2018.

27 March 2019
2019/0086 Funding Info for students from Commonwealth Countries (EPSRC)

All funding information available for students from Commonwealth Countries for entries 2017/2018, 2018/2019, 2019/2020.

24 March 2019
2019/0085 ODA spending (MRC)

Project titles, project descriptions, start date, end date, total money granted and research organisation for all ODA-qualifying MRC spend between 2010 and 2019.

15 March 2019
2019/0084 Regional Statistics on applications (IUK)

Total number of applications to IUK per UK region between 2004 and 2019.

20 March 2019
2019/0083 Telephony Contract Details (UKRI)

Request for Telephony contract details (duration, spend etc)

20 March 2019
2019/0082 Open 3 Competition which closed on 14/11/2018 (IUK)

Open 3 Competition which closed on 14/11/2018 - For applications received for projects with duration between 19 and 36 months, provide details of the number of applications and their scores (highest/lowest).

19 March 2019
2019/0079 S819/4 File Working Party 2nd Meeting (MRC)

MRC file S819/4 Working Party 2nd Meeting - content from 10th October -24th January 1984.

15 March 2019