FOI disclosure log

UK Research and Innovation’s disclosure log lists our responses to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.

An index log of all FOIs and EIRs available on this site can be found here (PDF, 360KB).

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2019/0013 Payments to Anthony Lilley (AH)

Request for payments made to AHRC council member Anthony Lilley by UKRI over the last 5 years

10 January 2019
2018/0197 Internal Review response (UKRI)

Request for an internal review.

19 December 2018
2018/0197 Internal Discussion of (UKRI)

Request for a copy of the internal discussion of We would accept a search of your email system for the term ‘’ over the last 7 days.

30 October 2018
2018/0187 Internal Review response (EPSRC)

Request for an internal review.

19 December 2018
2018/0187 CDT 2017 mid-term review (EPSRC)

Request for the written feedback from EPSRC CDT 2017 mid-term review (and the submissions made)

26 October 2018
2018/0138 Subject Cost Weights (RE)

Request for information regarding subject cost weightings and which units of assessment cover listed HRCS illnesses.

04 September 2018
2018/0130 ICT Contracts (IUK)

Request for information around ICT contracts for Server Hardware Maintenance, Server Virtualisation Licenses and Maintenance and Storage Area Network (SAN) Maintenance/Support in InnovateUK.

28 August 2018
2018/0129 Assessor Policy (IUK)

Request for information regarding current InnovateUK assessor process and policy.

28 August 2018
2018/0126 Typhoon Performance Products Limited (IUK)

Request for information regarding the number of payments made to Typhoon Performance Products Limited and their values.

20 August 2018
2018/0123 Bid Assessments for March 2018: Open (IUK)

Request for information on applications for Bid Assessments for March 2018: Open.

17 August 2018
2018/0122 Funding Rates by Gender (IUK)

Request for statistics on gender split for success rates for applications, resource allocation, and grant awards.

27 July 2018
2018/0119 Funding threshold for the Open programme R1 (IUK)

Request for information on the Funding Threshold for the Open programme R1.

15 August 2018
2018/0118 Statistics for Health/Life Sciences & Emerging/Enabling Tech. (IUK)

Request for application and score statistics for all rounds since 2016 of 'Innovation in Health and Life Sciences' and 'Emerging and Enabling Technologies'.

13 August 2018
2018/0117 March 2018 Open grant comp (IUK)

Request for information on the Funding Threshold for the March 2018 Innovate UK Open Grant Competition.

14 August 2018
2018/0114 Threshold for the March 2018 Competition (IUK)

Request for the funding thresholds for the March 2018 sector competition.

13 August 2018
2018/0111 EIR Ince Marshes Fracking (NERC)

Request for information regarding the proposed commissioning of the Cheshire Energy Research Site at Ince Marshes.

08 August 2018
2018/0110 Smart local energy systems call (IUK)

Request for how many applications were made for the design and concepts study, and who were in the consortium. 

07 August 2018
2018/0108 Harwell STRC (UKRI)

Request for request a list of all subcontractors, suppliers and consultants & telephone numbers involved in the redevelopment of land north of Fermi Avenue for two buildings extension to the west of R100, and 2.

08 August 2018
2018/0107 REF2021 and REF2014 (RE)

Request for the set up costs of REF2021 and the running costs of REF2014 over the lifecycle of the REF, i.e. 2014-2021.

30 July 2018
2018/0105 Funding for Animal Experiments (UKRI)

Request for information as to the funding for research councils and funding into animal research that benefits humans vs human-relevant Non-Animal Technologies (NATs).

02 August 2018