The Future Leaders Fellowship can help fund your most talented innovators

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Future Leaders Fellowship grants are for any business to develop the leadership potential of an employee through a challenging innovation or research project:

  • A Future Leaders Fellowship can be undertaken in a business or academic host, or in collaboration between the two
  • An £857m government-funded route to realising the potential of your best employees in the early stage of their career
  • Funding (typically up to £1.2m over 4 years) to cover salaries and critical operational costs
  • The business contribution is between 30-50%

The UKRI FLF scheme will fund at a level in accordance with prevailing State Aid guidance. This will be based on the type of research or innovation undertaken and the size of business or commercial entity involved in the application:

Only registered businesses will receive further information

Our process requires registration to receive further information and bid writing support, so it is important that you register now to be able to apply later.

Any size of business, in any sector, in any region  

UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships are grants for businesses of any size, in any sector across the UK, that want to significantly enhance the career potential of a highly talented employee, through the implementation of a challenging and strategically important research or innovation project within the business.

Future Leaders Fellowships within a business

A business may undertake a Future Leaders Fellowship independently, to carry out a self-contained program of R&D and develop a world class innovator.

Projects led by the Future Leaders Fellow can build significant new or enhanced capabilities which scale and grow the business, leading to an enhanced competitive position within the marketplace and the reputation as an innovative employer for highly skilled individuals.

Future Leaders Fellowships in collaboration between business and academia

Alternatively businesses may wish to engage and collaborate with academically hosted Future Leaders Fellowships, opening access for the business to basic or applied research for the development of new products, processes, business models and market opportunities.

A business might choose to use the Future Leaders Fellowship to build collaborative relationships with other businesses and/or academic researchers, thus enhancing their network and building an effective pipeline for new ideas, employees and partnerships.

Sustained funding to tackle a significant challenge

Future Leaders Fellowship grants are awarded competitively and last for four years, with the option to extend. The grant covers the salaries of the Future Leader Fellow and their immediate team, as well as materials, capital equipment, facilities, travel and subsistence, training and development, and overheads.

Businesses contribute between 30% and 50% of the total cost, depending upon the size of the organisation and the type of innovation undertaken.

A typical budget of up to £1.2m

The budget awarded will depend upon the characteristics of the proposed Future Leaders Fellowship and the project to be undertaken, with typically up to £1.2m available for the four years.

You must register your interest as a first step

Our process requires registration to receive further information and bid writing support, so it is important that you register now to be able to apply later.

Please provide details in the form below and a member of our team will be in contact prior to the launch of the next round of funding.

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Want to know more: UK Research and Innovation held a webinar briefing for businesses in April 2019 to talk about it’s Future Leaders Fellowships scheme and how businesses can be involved.

Scheme documentation and more information on key dates of future rounds can be found here.

Planned timing for round 3

Planned timing / deadline

Round 3 (~100 fellowships)

Je-S opens for mandatory outline proposals

2 April 2019

JeS opens for full applications

w/c 15 April

Mandatory outline proposal closes on JeS

2 May 2019

JeS full application deadline

30 May 2019

Latest possible PI response invite

(Please note: 5 working days to respond)

25 October 2019

Shortlisting meetings

w/c 25 November 2019

Interview Panels

w/c 27 January 2020

Decisions communicated

w/c 11 February 2020

Mandatory latest start date for all awards

1 November 2020

Expected closing dates for future rounds:                 

  • Round Four: October 2019
  • Round Five: May 2020
  • Round Six: October 2020