Future Leaders Peer Review College and Panel College

Assessment of the FLF will take place using a two stage process. Proposals will first be assessed via peer review, with shortlisted candidates then invited to interview by a panel comprising a broad range of academic, public sector and industry experts.

The process will be supported by a Peer Review College and a Panel Review College that will play a vital part in identifying the best UK and international early career researchers and innovators; and the best proposals for use of the special Fellowships support we are offering. 

UKRI will be inviting additional applicants to form both Colleges. We aim to build Colleges which include expertise across research and innovation, across universities, research Organisations and businesses. UKRI aims to ensure a good diversity of Panel College members in terms of protected characteristics, career stage, background, discipline, host organisation and location. International and industry-based applications will be particularly welcome, as well as those from within UK universities and independent research organisations.

There will be two FLF calls per year and it is expected that Peer Review College members will review up to four proposals per call. There will be four panel meetings per year and it is expected that Panel College members will attend all at least one per year, with others attending more to ensure consistency.

For more information about these roles, please contact UKRI Fellows.

Peer Review College

Proposals submitted to FLF calls will be subject to a peer review prior to panel assessment, and the Peer Review College will play a key role in providing expert insight and ensuring proposals receive an appropriate number of reviews as part of the peer review process.

Peer Review College members must be in an active research and / or innovation role and have good standing in appropriate research, innovation or business communities. Previous experience of reviewing fellowships or funding proposals would be beneficial, as would experience of addressing multidisciplinary proposals.

There will be two FLF calls per year and it is expected that Peer Review College members review up to four proposals per call.

Panel College

Members appointed will be asked to take part in the panels that sift applications, making recommendations on which applicants should be invited forward to the interview stage of the application process, and to sit on the subsequent interview panels.

Panel College members must have significant experience or understanding of assessing the quality and validity of major research and innovation projects across a range of areas, beyond their own specialist area, and experience of assessing interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research will also be valuable. Previous experience of assessing through interview panels is helpful but not essential.

The organisation of panels will be responsive to the applications in each round. To ensure consistency some of the College will be asked to join panels for several rounds; others will be asked to join around one panel per year, based on applicant demand.

The call for Panel College members is currently closed. It will be opening again later in the year.

The Research Councils' Peer Review Framework (PDF, 265KB) describes how peer review is used in assessing proposals and making funding decisions. The framework also outlines what information is routinely published relating to proposals and awards, and the approach taken by the Councils in responding to requests for information about the assessment process. The framework is designed for use by Applicants and Research Organisations, Board/Panel members and external reviewers, members of the public and Research Council staff.

Panel meeting membership