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Round 1 Cohort

Below is a listing of all round 1 Future Leader Fellowship cohorts. 

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Name   Host organisation Project Title Contact information Social link Webpage
Adam Perriman  University of Bristol Supercharged protein-surfactant bioconjugates for next-generation cell therapies Email Twitter Website
Alexander Valavanis  University of Leeds Terahertz-frequency sensors for atmospheric chemistry and space research Email Twitter  Website
Alkistis Pourtsidou  Queen Mary University of London Exploring the Universe with radio and optical galaxy surveys Email Twitter  Website
Amanda Jarvis  University of Edinburgh Artificial metalloenzymes as evolvable catalysts for selective chemical synthesis Email Twitter Website
Anahid Basiri  University College London Indicative Data: Extracting 3D Models of Cities from Unavailability and Degradation of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) Email Twitter  Website
Anna Lisa Varri  University of Edinburgh Rethinking the dynamical paradigm of low-mass stellar systems Email Twitter  Website
Baojun Wang  University of Edinburgh Engineering orthogonal split inteins as scalable tools for synthetic biology and biomanufacturing Email LinkedIn Website
Benjamin Lichman  University of York The Daphniphyllum alkaloids: biosynthesis, biocatalysts and bioactives from a neglected natural product class Email Twitter Website
Conor Fitzpatrick  The University of Manchester Connecting the universe: Bringing Real Time Analysis to Particle Physics and Astronomy Email Twitter Website
Constance Smith  The University of Manchester Tower block failures: high-rise living and global urbanism Email Twitter Website
David Schaich  University of Liverpool New Frontiers of Lattice Field Theory Email GITHUB Website
Eamonn Reading  King's College London Determining structural dynamics of membrane proteins in their native environment: focus on bacterial antibiotic resistance Email Twitter  Website
Esther Breithoff  Birkbeck University of London Material Memories: Archaeology, Heritage and Human Rights Violations in South America Email Twitter Website
Eva Vilella-Figueras  University of Liverpool Development of HV-CMOS sensor technology for the next generation of particle physics experiments Email Twitter Website
Fay Bound Alberti  University of York About Face: The affective and cultural history of face transplants Email Twitter Website
Filipa Cox  The University of Manchester How do ecological trade-offs drive ectomycorrhizal fungal community assembly? Fine-scale processes with large-scale implications Email Twitter Website
Fiona Watt  University of Oxford Molecular Prediction of Osteoarthritis to enable its Prevention: Post-traumatic Osteoarthritis as an exemplar Email   Website
Hatef Sadeghi  University of Warwick Exploiting quantum and phonon interference for molecular thermoelectricity and Seebeck sensing (MoQPI) Email Twitter Website
Helen Dodd  University of Reading Adventurous play in schools as a mechanism for reducing risk for childhood anxiety Email Twitter  Website
Hien Ngo  Queen's University of Belfast Analysis and Design for Cell-free Massive MIMO Email LinkedIn Website
Hong Liu  University of Warwick Embeddings in Sparse Graphs Email   Website
James Lea  University of Liverpool Ice sheet and glacier stability in a warming world: Projecting future iceberg and sea level risks via rapid modelling and satellite image analysis Email Twitter Website
John Biggins  University of Cambridge Liquid Crystal Elastomers: from new material, via new mechanics to new machines Email Twitter Website
Katie McQuaid  University of Leeds Gender, Generation and Climate Change (GENERATE): Creative Approaches to Building Inclusive and Climate Resilient Cities in Uganda and Myanmar Email   Website
Ke Li  University of Exeter Transfer Optimisation System for Adaptive Automated Nature-Inspired Optimisation Email Twitter Website
Kirsty Le Doare  St George's University of London Invasive Group B Streptococcus disease in young infants: understanding host and pathogen immunity to inform maternal GBS vaccination development Email Twitter Website
Lauren Gregoire  University of Leeds Constraining projections of ice sheet instabilities and future sea level rise Email Twitter  Website
Lucy Barnes  University College London Mental Models and Political Economy Email Twitter Website
Marc Aurel Busche  University College London Cellular and circuit mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease Email Twitter Website
Marta Andrés Miguel  University College London Biogenic amines in malaria mosquitoes: from hearing to swarming behaviour Email   Website
Mathilde Jauzac  Durham University Using Cosmic Beasts to Uncover the Nature of Dark Matter Email Twitter Website
Michelle Percharde  London Institute of Medical Sciences Investigating retrotransposon-driven gene expression programmes in early development Email Twitter Website
Natalie Shenker  Imperial College London Maximising the public health impact of a human milk bank Email Twitter Website
Paul Donaldson  STFC Molecular stopwatch measurements of dynamics in catalysts, battery electrolytes and ionic liquids in situ Email    
Reinhard Maurer  University of Warwick Computational prediction of hot-electron chemistry: Towards electronic control of catalysis Email   Website
Rod Mitchell  University of Edinburgh Protecting spermatogonial stem cells from chemotherapy-induced damage for fertility preservation in childhood cancer Email Twitter Website
Ruth Keogh  London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Evaluating effects of complex treatments in chronic disease using large observational datasets Email Twitter Website
Sanjeev Kumar  University College London Engineering Future Quantum Technologies in Low-Dimensional Systems Email Twitter Website
Sarah Lewthwaite  University of Southampton Teaching accessibility in the digital set Email Twitter  Website
Sarah Lloyd-Fox  University of Cambridge Brain biomarkers and effective interventions to tackle global poverty from birth Email Twitter  Website
Sarah Marks  Birkbeck University of London Cognitive Behavioural Therapies in Britain: Welfare, Society and the Individual since 1948 Email Twitter  Website