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Round 2 Cohort

Below is a listing of all round 2 Future Leader Fellowship cohorts. 

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Name   Host organisation Project Title Contact information Social link Webpage
Adam Celiz  Imperial College London Regenerative biomaterial patches for failing hearts Email Twitter Website
Adam Dobson  University of Glasgow Remote control: How do microbiota promote animal health? - Twitter Website
Adrian Healy  Cardiff University Water stressed cities: individual choice, access to water and pathways to resilience in sub-Saharan Africa Email LinkedIn Website
Alice Davidson  University College London Gene regulation, genetic mechanisms and development of potential therapies for corneal endothelial dystrophies Email Twitter Website
Alper Akay  University of East Anglia The function of the RNA methylome in animals Email Twitter Website
Angela Aristidou  University College London Innovating across sectors: Examining new models of work and novel organizational forms emerging in partnerships between the public and third sectors Email LinkedIn Website
Anna Tarrant  University of Lincoln Tracing the lives and support needs of young fathers: A participatory, qualitative longitudinal and comparative analysis Email Twitter Website
Anupam Das  University of Birmingham Structure vs. Invariants in Proofs (StrIP) Email Twitter Website
Aurelia Lepine  University College London Protecting Women from Economic shocks to fight HIV in Africa (POWER) Email LinkedIn Website
Ayush Bhandari  Imperial College London Sensing Beyond Barriers: Theory, Algorithms and Applications Email Twitter Website
Babette Hoogakker  Heriot-Watt University Fate of ocean oxygenation in a warming world Email Twitter Website
Benjamin Richards  University of Warwick Search for diffuse supernova background in Gd based water Cherenkov experiments - - Website
Bob Camille Schroeder  University College London Self-healing organic semiconductors for bionic skin Email - Website
Carla Perez Martinez  University College London Ionic Liquids for Subtractive and Additive Nanomanufacturing - LinkedIn -
Charlie Lees  University of Edinburgh Predicting disease flare and treatment response in inflammatory bowel disease Email Twitter Website
Christina Vanderwel  University of Southampton Simulating urban air pollution in the lab Email - Website
Christopher Ballance  University of Oxford Building and exploiting a high-performance monolithic trapped-ion quantum computer - - Website
Christopher Staples  Bangor University The role of MRNIP in replication fork stabilisation and DSB repair - - -
Daniel Field  University of Cambridge Modernization, diversification, and domination: Macroevolutionary origins of living bird diversity Email Twitter  Website
Daniel Humphreys  University of Sheffield The typhoid toxin of Salmonella Typhi - a new disease mechanism and a strategy for combatting drug-resistant typhoid and chronic carriage in humans Email - Website
Daniel Smale  Marine Biological Association Extreme Climatic Events in the Oceans: Towards a mechanistic understanding of ecosystem impacts and resilience Email Twitter  Website
Emily Bridger  University of Exeter South Africa's Hidden War: Histories of Sexual Violence from Apartheid to the Present Email Twitter Website
Francesco Antonio Aprile  Imperial College London Probing Post-Translational Modification in Neurodegenerative Protein Aggregation with a Novel Antibody-Based Technology - Twitter Website
Franz Herzog  University of Edinburgh Forest Formulas for the LHC - Twitter  Website
Georgina Robinson  Scottish Association for Marine Science Securing reactive nitrogen for high value food and feed production in integrated bioremediation and energy generation systems - Twitter -
Heather Cegla  University of Warwick A Pathway to the Confirmation and Characterisation of Habitable Alien Worlds Email LinkedIn Website
Isabel Dregely  King's College London DIFFERENCE: DIFFusion magnetic resonance imaging with Enhanced Resolution ENCoding - Precision Imaging in Cancer Email LinkedIn Website
Izzy Jayasinghe  Sheffield University Taking super resolution microscopy beyond the laboratory - Twitter  Website
James Osborn  Durham University Stopping the stars from twinkling: Unlocking the potential of ground-based telescopes for astronomy and free-space optical communication Email - Website
Jamie Blundell  University of Cambridge Evolution forecasting for real-time blood-cancer risk prediction - Twitter -
Jan Mol  Queen Mary University of London Molecular Network Heat Engines Email - Website
Janine Kavanagh  University of Liverpool Modelling Magma Movement: linking indirect observations with dynamic processes Email Twitter Website
Jean-Michel Fustin  The University of Manchester Methylation of mRNA as a coupling mechanism between diet, metabolism and the circadian clock - LinkedIn Website
Jenevieve Mannell  University College London Preventing violence against women in high-prevalence settings: A multidisciplinary approach from psychology, political science and global health Email Twitter Website
Jennifer Steeden  University College London Towards 10-minute Magnetic Resonance Scanning in Children - Developing Accelerated Imaging Using Machine Learning Email LinkedIn Website
Joe Rainger  University of Edinburgh Novel approaches to define tissue fusion mechanisms in embryonic development Email Twitter Website
Joshua Makepeace  University of Birmingham Functional Metal-Nitrogen-Hydrogen Systems Email - -
Joshua Quick  University of Birmingham OneAMR: a rapid, accurate, point-of-care platform for the detection and prevention of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) Email Twitter Website
Katie Sheehan  King's College London Development of a stratified model of care for acute rehabilitation after hip fracture Email Twitter Website
Kay Brandner  University of Nottingham Collective Quantum Thermodynamics - LinkedIn Website
Laura Carter  University of Leeds Contaminants of emerging concern in agricultural systems: a risk to soil and plant health? Email Twitter Website
Laura Dixon  University of Leeds Understanding adaptation to increase temperature robustness in wheat Email Twitter Website
Laura Schoenberger  Durham University Digging into sand: New territories in the making - LinkedIn  
Lewis Topley  University of Birmingham Geometric Representation Theory and W-algebras Email - Website
Mark Scott  Imperial College London Understanding neutrino interactions and oscillations with off-axis neutrino beams Email - Website
Matthew Ryan  University of Southampton Rebooting Democracy: Democratic Innovation for the Information Age Email - Website
Matthew Spencer  University of Warwick Scaling Trust: An Anthropology of Cyber Security Email - Website
Michael Vanner  Imperial College London Brillouin Quantum Optomechanics Email - Website
Muhammed Olanrewaju Afolabi  London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Investigating the feasibility and effectiveness of integrating helminth control with seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC) in West African children Email Twitter -
Neil Oxtoby  University College London I-AIM: Individualised Artificial Intelligence for Medicine - - Website
Noemi Procopio  Northumbria University "Forens-OMICS": a cross disciplinary implementation of omics sciences to in vivo and post-mortem ageing investigations for forensic applications Email Twitter Website
Oliver Robinson  Imperial College London Metabolomic and omic assessment of biological ageing across the life-course (METAGE) Email - Website
Panagiotis Papadopoulos  University of Strathclyde Addressing the complexity of future power system dynamic behaviour Email LinkedIn Website
Patricia Clay  The University of Manchester A pinch of salt: Earth's halogen distribution and the habitability potential of planets - Twitter Website
Patrick Bury  University of Bath The Transformation of Transatlantic Counter-Terrorism 2001-2025 - - -
Patrick O'Hare  University of St Andrews Transforming Plastics into Solidarity: Ethical Vertical Integration and Binational Recycling Email - -
Paul Albert  Swansea University Constraints on the tempo and magnitude of explosive arc volcanism: facilitating long-term ash fall hazard assessments - LinkedIn Website
Payel Das  University of Surrey Taking galactic archaeology beyond the near field Email Twitter Website
Peter Keating  University College London Impact of developmental experience on spatial hearing in noisy environments Email Twitter Website
Pierpaolo Vivo  King's College London Taming the complexity of the law: modelling and visualisation of dynamically interacting legal systems. Email Twitter Website
Pierre Maillard  Queen Mary University of London Exploring antiviral RNA interference in mammals Email Twitter Website
Richard Mann  University of Leeds Collective behaviour of cognitive agents Email Twitter Website
Richard Moore  University of Warwick The Communicative Mind - Twitter -
Ruth Nugent  Liverpool University The Digital Library of British Mortuary Science & Investigation Email Twitter Website
Sadie Watson  Museum of London Archaeology Bringing the Past to the Present: measuring, maximising and transforming public benefit from UK government infrastructure investment in archaeology Email Twitter Website
Sarah Pike  University of Birmingham Adaptive Artificial Receptors for Biomimetic Functions Email - Website
Siddartha Khastgir  University of Warwick Enabling a Novel Evaluation Continuum for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) Email Twitter Website
Stephen Wallace  University of Edinburgh Non-Enzymatic Catalysis in the Microbial Cell Interior Email Twitter Website
Timothy Carroll  University College London Orthodox Christian Material Ecology and the Sociopolitics of Religion Email LinkedIn Website
Tom Gur  University of Warwick Foundations of classical and quantum verifiable computing - Twitter -
Tom Vettenburg  University of Dundee Correlative Refractive Index Light-sheet Microscopy Email - Website
Vanessa Sancho Shimizu  Imperial College London The genetic basis of invasive meningococcal disease Email Twitter Website
Victoria Bates  University of Bristol Sensing Spaces of Healthcare: Rethinking the NHS Hospital Email Twitter Website
William Hutchison  University of St Andrews Taking Earth's volcanic pulse: understanding global volcanic hazards by unlocking the ice core isotope archive Email Twitter Website
Yue Ren  Swansea University Computational tropical geometry and its applications Email Facebook Website
Yuval Elani  Imperial College London An engineering rulebook for interfacing living and non-living cells Email Twitter  Website