Research Organisation Consultation Group (ROCG)

ROCG’s role is to provide UKRI with engagement and advice from a Research Organisation (RO) and broader research management perspective. The group's remit is policies, processes and administrative arrangements associated with grants, studentships and fellowships.

It works closely with the UKRI Research Funding Services who bring forward ideas and possible changes developed by UKRI to obtain suggestions and thoughts from the RO community’s perspective. The group can provide an external steer on current council thinking in a closed environment and act as an initial sounding board before the wider RO community is engaged.

ROCG can engage with the wider RO community to develop a regional representative perspective on issues; promote good communication between ROs and UKRI, encouraging further development of good working practices within ROs. ROCG has no decision-making power but is a valuable consultation and information source.

ROCG is co-chaired by the Head of UKRI Research Funding Policy, Ruth Williams and a co-chair from one of the external members, currently Lita Denny Head of Research Support Services, from The University of Manchester.

ARMA (The Association of Research Managers and Administrators) is formally represented on the group and provides a direct route to sector wide Research Management consultation.


Membership lasts up to four years, but some terms may be shorter than this to enable a rolling bi-annual renewal of the membership. The work of the group is carried out by correspondence and through two to three meetings per year, usually in Swindon, with representatives from UKRI Research Funding Service and UKRI colleagues presenting items to the group.

It aims to achieve a balanced membership of geographical and RO type. The membership is made up from nominations endorsed by the individual’s employing Research Organisation at the level of Director of Research Services, Director of Finance or equivalent.

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and ROCG is committed to the principle of public appointment with openness and transparency of process and to providing equal opportunities for all, irrespective of race, age, disability, gender, marital status, religion, sexual orientation, transgender and working patterns. 

ROCG Current Membership: 

  • Chair: Lita Denny - Head of Research Services, University of Manchester 
  • Co-Chair: Ruth Williams, Head of Research Funding Policy, UKRI 
  • Derek Black - Research Contracts Manager, The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMs) 
  • Neil Bowering - Director of Professional Services, Science and Engineering (Science & Engineering College Senior Management), University of Glasgow  
  • Joanne Chamberlain - Business Development Manager, UKRI-NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology  
  • Linsey Dickson - Head of Research Development, University of Stirling & Director of Conference, Association of Research Managers& Administrators (ARMA) 
  • Yvonne Fox - Head of Research Services, Research and Enterprise Division, Lancaster University 
  • Dr Simon Gray - Acting Co-Director of Research and Enterprise Development, University of Bristol 
  • Kirsty Lindley - Grant Support & Agreements Manager, The University of Sheffield 
  • Stephanie Maloney - Head of Research & Industrial Partnerships, University of Lincoln 
  • Ian McArdle - Head of Research Systems and Information, Imperial College London 
  • Jennifer Stergiou  - Director Research & Innovation, Northumbria University & Director Training & Development at Association of Research Administrators (ARMA) 

To contact ROCG, please email: