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How we collect your research outcomes

Seven UKRI councils have adopted a harmonised approach to collecting the outcomes, outputs and impacts of the research they fund. This process moves away from previous final reporting based approaches by asking UKRI councils funded award holders to provide information throughout the duration of their funding, and for a period of time after that has ended.

UKRI currently use the researchfish® system, provided by Researchfish Ltd. This is an online facility that enables research funders and research organisations (ROs) to track the impacts of their investments and researchers to log the outputs, outcomes and impacts of their work. Award holders are invited to create an account on researchfish® to add outcomes to their awards at any time during the year.

Submission periods

UKRI councils funded award holders are invited once a year to ‘Submit’ their outcomes to us. A submission is an agreement that the information has been added to the system against an award is correct and as up to date as it can be at that time.

It is very important to note that simply adding outcomes to the system, and completing the required mandatory additional questions does not constitute having made a submission against that award to the relevant UKRI Council. Only during the submission period will the system allow an award holder to complete the submission process for all of their awards to UKRI Councils. At that time award holders will be asked to ensure all outcomes have been added to the system, answer their funding Council’s mandatory additional questions, and then make submissions.

Common question set

A common question set has been agreed across all the researchfish® funders which gives detailed information on the 16 common outcomes including all of the sub-type options that can be chosen from. This is available to download in PDF or XML format from the researchfish®  website.

High-level guidance text for each section is available within the researchfish® system. Question-specific guidance is also available within the researchfish® system webpages.

Mandatory additional questions

The UKRI councils ask a number of mandatory additional questions which relate directly to each funded award. Some of these are funder specific, and others are award specific. An overview of these additional questions (PDF, 361KB) is available. Please also see guidance on how to answer these sections (PDF, 265KB).

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