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Information for research organisation administrators

This page provides guidance for research organisation (RO) administrators in relation to collection of research outcomes from UKRI funded awards at your institutions.

Providing UKRI with the outcomes of funded research

Principal investigators (PIs) and students are given the opportunity to provide UKRI councils with information about the outcomes, outputs and impacts of their research after an award’s funding begins.

PIs are required to make outcomes submissions to UKRI councils on an annual basis throughout the life of their project, and as a general principle PIs for at least 5 years after an awards funding has ended. Students are asked to make outcomes submissions to UKRI councils from the 3rd year of their funding throughout the life of their studentship for 3 years after an awards funding has ended. There are a number of reasons why individual UKRI councils may choose to shorten or lengthen that period for their funded awards

While outcomes can be attributed to awards at any point during the year, UKRI councils will ask for submissions of those outcomes to be made at a specific point in each year. The submissions process is separate from the outcomes attribution process and can only take place during the annual Submission Period.

The next UKRI submission period on researchfish® is due to take place between 3 February 2020 and 4pm 12 March 2020

Response codes

All awards on researchfish® are given a status designation between 1 and 5 known as a response code. Whether an award holder is asked to submit during a particular Submission Period will depend on what response code an award has. UKRI will ask ROs to review the response codes for all of their UKRI Councils funded award holders and request changes where appropriate. Further guidance about response codes is available here.

Researchfish dashboards

Researchfish Ltd provide a free Dashboard interface which enables RO administrators to view their UKRI Councils funded awards within the system. This helps ROs to ensure that their funded PIs are making required submissions to their UKRI Councils:

An enhanced dashboard is also available from Researchfish Ltd for an annual subscription fee, but this is not needed in order to fulfil the UKRI requirements or for an RO to be able to support its staff in using the system.

Researchfish Ltd also provides access to training webinars available on their website.

There are also specific areas devoted to providing key information to principal investigators (inc. fellows) and students (inc. their supervisors) that can be accessed below:

Information for PIs Information for students