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Principles of use and award holder responsibilities

It is the responsibility of every principal investigator (PI) and student who submit research outcomes to read our Principles of Use statement (PDF, 139KB). Award holders will be asked to sign up to these principles when submitting their data.

Data submitted through researchfish® will also be published on Gateway to Research (GtR). It is essential that submitted data is appropriate for use in the public domain. It should not contain defamatory information, personal information about named individuals or commercially sensitive information.

Compliance and our Sanctions Policy

Up-to-date and complete information is essential to enable the UKRI to report back to Government on the outcomes of the research they fund in order to demonstrate the value of the public investment that has been made.

UKRI councils have a harmonised policy regarding the responsibilities of researchers to complete a researchfish® submission, as part of the standard terms and conditions of holding an award. The seven UKRI councils implement the terms of this policy and will remove eligibility for funding from researchers that do not comply, and where applicable current funding will be suspended.

The harmonised cross-council Sanctions Policy is available here (PDF, 55KB).

Sanctions will apply to UKRI council-funded PIs who do not make a submission each year during the Submission Period. This does not apply to Students where for now submissions are currently regarded as being voluntary, not mandatory.


As part of the terms and conditions of funding from UKRI councils, submissions are expected annually, even if there are no outcomes to report.

In some circumstances this will not be possible; e.g. PI or student are on parental leave. In these cases PIs and students have a responsibility to keep their research organisation (RO) informed of changing situations.

ROs are responsible for confirming to UKRI councils which awards to expect submissions from on an annual basis.


Below is a list of responsibilities that relate to all of the various stakeholders involved in the collection of research outcomes from UKRI councils funded awards:

  • UKRI councils have a responsibility for reporting the impact and outcomes of publicly funded research to the Government and public.
  • PIs and students have a responsibility to familiarise themselves with the Principles of Use, noting in particular the automatic publication of their submitted data (e.g. GtR).
  • PIs are required to complete a submission as part of the terms and conditions of holding a grant from one of the UKRI councils.
  • PIs and students must keep their research organisation informed of changes in circumstances that may prevent annual submission of an outcome.
  • ROs have to demonstrate value obtained from investment of public money in research.
  • ROs have a responsibility to confirm to UKRI councils annually which grants are expected to complete an annual outcomes submission and for ensuring compliance of grant holders at their organisation.
  • Researchfish Ltd have a responsibility to provide the service and to provide support to UKRI councils funded PIs and students in using the researchfish® system.