Quantum technologies

An overview of the government’s challenge to industry and research to enable the UK to lead the global development and application of quantum technologies.


Quantum technologies

What is the quantum technologies challenge?

While still at an early stage, quantum-enabled devices are a huge market opportunity. These technologies could transform sectors such as automotive, healthcare, infrastructure, telecommunications and cyber security and defence.

For the UK to lead the global race, we need to build on the UK National Quantum Technology Programme and focus on the end users of the devices that quantum promises to transform.

Part of this work will involve engaging researchers to turn quantum science into quantum engineering, and manufacturers who can use this to create a whole new set of products.

What’s the investment?

Up to £20 million of ‘pioneer funding’ will help to establish how quantum technologies can be used in the products of the future and give the UK a global advantage.

What are the opportunities?

Opportunities will be available to UK-based researchers and businesses.

We will fund the development of 3 to 5 prototype quantum-enabled devices that could be used in the next generation of sensors, consumer electronics and digital services.

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