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18 October 2018
Listen to the sounds of space

Strange sounds recorded in space can now be heard in a series of short films.

12 October 2018
Neutron study finds eco-friendly alternative for plastic production

A study into neutrons could make plastic production more environmentally friendly.

11 October 2018
'Extraordinary' genetic data study released

A ground-breaking paper celebrating the release of the genetic data of 500,000 people has been published.

05 October 2018
New £81 million Materials Innovation Factory opens

A new £81 million Materials Innovation Factory has opened at the University of Liverpool, bringing materials chemistry experts together with cutting edge robots and computers to meet society’s future challenges.

05 October 2018
Revolutionary women highlighted in new play

A new play about the end of the First World War from the perspective of German women opens this week, after research shone a light on women’s participation in Revolutions that affected Germany, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland in 1918.

01 October 2018
Football tackling gender inequality

The rising popularity of women's football has given the sport the power to tackle gender issues across society - especially in football mad countries like Brazil - according to a major research project to tackle gender inequality in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia.

25 September 2018
Welsh daffodils provide Alzheimer's medication

A sustainable Alzheimer’s medication has been developed from daffodils grown in the Welsh Black Mountains.

24 September 2018
Mammals shrank to help evolution

Mammals successfully evolved over the years by getting smaller in size, scientists have discovered.

24 September 2018
Robotic trousers could keep elderly mobile

Smart trousers with artificial muscles are being developed to help the elderly and disabled with their mobility.

24 September 2018
UK's largest celebration of social science returns

The UK's biggest celebration of social science returns this November, with more than 300 free events across the country.

11 September 2018
Worms on UK space mission

Hundreds of worms are being sent to space to understand why astronauts lose some of their muscle mass during spaceflight.

07 September 2018
UKRI contributes to new Google search tool

Experts from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) have contributed to a new Google search tool to help scientists, policy makers and other user groups easily find the data required for their work and their stories, or simply to satisfy their intellectual curiosity.

05 September 2018
International research project transforms Macbeth

Audiences at the Folger Theatre in Washington enjoyed the opening night of an unusual performance of Macbeth on 4 September, the result of an international research project.

29 August 2018
UK scientists join iceberg research ship

UK scientists will join what could be the largest-scale Arctic research expedition ever planned when the German research ship, RV Polarstern, is deliberately lodged into sea ice to drift past the North Pole.

29 August 2018
Progress made towards liver tissue implants

Early-stage progress towards developing human liver tissue implants has been made, after scientists transformed stem cells into 3D human liver tissue.

21 August 2018
Air pollution accurately modelled in minutes

A new system can accurately model air quality in large cities in minutes, within five metres of any given location using just a standard office computer.

21 August 2018
Robot chemist uses AI to discover new molecules

A robotic system which makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) to learn from chemical reactions and discover new molecules has been developed.

20 August 2018
UK astronomers discover first ever galaxies

Astronomers have discovered the first galaxies ever formed over 13 billion years ago.

16 August 2018
New chemical causes brain cancer cells to 'self-destruct', early trial shows

A synthetic chemical which causes aggressive brain tumour cells to ‘self-destruct’ could lead to a new generation of treatments for cancers like glioblastoma, a UK-led study has found.

14 August 2018
Wheat's hidden genetic secrets revealed

An international research team have uncovered the hidden genetic secrets that give wheat its remarkable ability for local adaptation - revealing a previously untapped resource for breeding better, more resilient wheat.