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13 December 2018
Molecular Laboratory celebrates 16th Nobel Prize

Pioneering researcher Professor Sir Gregory Winter was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, the 16th laureate from UK Research and Innovation.

12 December 2018
Gene study reveals the root of red hair

A DNA study has revealed the eight genes linked to red hair, helping to solve the mystery of how redheads inherit their flaming locks.

05 December 2018
Worms set for space launch

A rocket carrying thousands of worms are scheduled to be launched into space on 5 December, in a mission to understand why astronauts lose some of their muscle mass during spaceflight.

03 December 2018
UK and China researchers collaborate on global fight against superbugs

A multimillion investment to address antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in China has been announced, with £8 million by the UK Research and Innovation AMR project through the Newton Fund, and 36 million RMB (£4.1m) from the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

27 November 2018
UK plays key role in Mars landing

The InSight lander carries three instruments designed and built with support from UK Research and Innovation’s Science and Technology Facilities Council RAL Space.

27 November 2018
Personalised heart models could improve cardiac care

Computer heart models personalised to each patient could improve the treatment of one of the UK’s most common cardiac conditions.

23 November 2018
Medicine manufacturing gets multi million boost

Medicine production and treatment in the UK has received a £7.3 million boost, with new projects across the UK working to ensure patients receive faster treatment.

23 November 2018
Michael the supercomputer joins team to battery research

Michael - funded by UKRI through ISCF - can reach 265 teraflops at peak performance.

19 November 2018
Cancer killing virus could prevent disease returning

Scientists using viruses to combat cancer have found a way to prevent the disease from returning by targeting the healthy cells tumours use as camouflage and life support.

19 November 2018
Ambitious Antarctic field campaign begins

The five year quest to understand the Thwaites Glacier's contribution to sea levels will see a team of UK and US polar scientists embark on one of the largest joint Antarctic missions for more than 70 years.

13 November 2018
UK creative sector gets £80 million boost

Creative companies such as Aardman, Burberry and Sony will work with world-class research talent at hubs throughout the UK to explore new ways of enhancing their sector.

09 November 2018
What is quantum?

As the National Quantum Technologies showcase takes place in London, we discover more about quantum

08 November 2018
New lab in South Africa thanks to UK partnership

A new particle detector laboratory in South Africa will help to train the next generation of nuclear scientists.

07 November 2018
Funding boost for innovation in feminine care

A company producing the first tampon design innovation in 80 years is set to upscale its business after receiving £1 million funding through Innovate UK's loan programme

06 November 2018
New images give an insight into world's fastest growing cities

New photos taken by researchers from the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Centre for Sustainable, Healthy and Learning Cities (SHLC) highlight the challenges facing expanding cities in Africa and Asia.

06 November 2018
Earth art installation glows at the Natural History Museum

A seven-metre diameter glowing planet Earth will go on show at the Natural History Museum this month, as part of an event exploring our relationship with our environment.

01 November 2018
UK's largest celebration of social science returns

The UK's biggest celebration of social science returns 3-10 November, with more than 300 free events across the country.

01 November 2018
Whale watching from space

Scientists from the British Antarctic Survey have used detailed high-resolution satellite images to detect, count and describe four different species of whales.

31 October 2018
World War One documentary provides new insight

Historian Dan Snow uncovers untold stories of WW1 in the AHRC-funded documentary

31 October 2018
Diamond could be best friend for early breast cancer detection

UKRI is funding a new collaboration of researchers and clinicians to drive forward earlier detection of breast cancer