News from our Councils

Selected updates from our councils can be found below. See UKRI updates here.

11 January 2018
Weighing massive stars in nearby galaxy reveals excess of heavyweights
04 January 2018
Smart energy start-up secures £5.5 million investment
18 December 2017
Preferred candidate chosen for the role of Executive Chair of the Medical Research Council

Professor Fiona Watt FRS has been selected as the government’s preferred candidate to be the Executive Chair of the Medical Research Council when it becomes a constituent part of UKRI in April 2018.

18 December 2017
The challenge of creating a UK vehicle battery industry

Regulation on the emissions from internal combustion engines, actual and planned market disruption from Tesla (and Dyson, Google and others) and technological advances in electric powertrains and batteries are driving a surge of demand for electric vehicles (EVs).

15 December 2017
Gene experts set to tackle pest control
14 December 2017
Air pollution linked to birth weight
13 December 2017
UK team develop laser to iron-out imperfections in metal
11 December 2017
UK bioprocessing firm acquired by GE Healthcare
08 December 2017
Super-powerful microscope facility in £7 million funding boost for materials research
07 December 2017
Future electric vehicle batteries: long-lasting, cleaner, better
06 December 2017
£12.5 million investment creates a National Biofilms Innovation Centre for both business and research
01 December 2017
Reading improves teenagers' vocab, whatever their background, say researchers
30 November 2017
£5 million UK Hardware Security Institute launched
29 November 2017
New technique 'Trim-Away' targets and rapidly destroys proteins in cells
28 November 2017
Call opens to host creative industries policy and evidence centre
24 November 2017
Tackling antibiotic resistance: researchers slash survey costs with satellites
23 November 2017
Lightest black hole merger detected
22 November 2017
Government announces that 2018 will be the Year of Engineering
14 November 2017
Dr Ruth McKernan announces she will leave her post at Innovate UK
29 June 2017
Research England is seeking members for its first Council

UK Research and Innovation wishes to appoint up to ten members for the first Council of Research England.