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29 June 2018
Gene-edited pigs are resistant to billion dollar virus, study finds

Scientists have produced pigs that can resist one of the world’s most costly animal diseases, by changing their genetic code.

28 June 2018
First innovation loans offered to businesses improving smart cities and transport

Innovate UK has offered £8 million to 13 businesses developing innovative solutions for the UK’s urban infrastructure, energy and transport challenges.

26 June 2018
Nano-scale 'vibrational wave' research could transform the field of materials physics
18 June 2018
Harwell space cluster turbocharges growth in UK's 'new space' sector
13 June 2018
UK researchers contribute to latest Higgs boson breakthrough
07 June 2018
How wheat can root out the 'take-all' fungus
06 June 2018
New Higgs Centre for Innovation opens as unique home for Space-based start-ups
05 June 2018
UK government commits over £30 million of funding to tackle antimicrobial resistance
25 May 2018
Marine biotechnologies firm wins £3.8 million investment
24 May 2018
BBSRC Innovator of the Year 2018 Awards
17 May 2018
STFC's Daresbury Lab to test next generation of cancer treatment
14 May 2018
UK scientists return to the Arctic Ocean to measure climate change threat to marine life
14 May 2018
How aspirin may block bowel tumour formation
09 May 2018
Mouse study identifies new target for human accelerated ageing syndrome
03 May 2018
Research projects to build trust, privacy and security in use of personal data and digital technologies
02 May 2018
Smart cities and sustainability
24 April 2018
New treatment may improve speech after stroke
19 April 2018
New patch points to bloodless diabetes monitoring
16 April 2018
Research England to invest £2bn into universities in 2018-19
16 April 2018
Engineering a plastic-eating enzyme