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New online portal helps everyone access the UK's Research and Innovation infrastructure


Building on our infrastructure opportunities report, together with the landscape report and to encourage and help everyone access research and innovation infrastructure, UKRI has launched a new interactive portal. The InfraPortal showcases the many exciting opportunities for research and innovation that the UK offers. Since we unveiled the portal in November, around 50 additional infrastructures have been added. The InfraPortal will be continually expanded to include additional infrastructures that are externally accessible and receive some public funding.

We are witnessing a new industrial revolution and the UK is extraordinarily well-placed to benefit from it. The ability to do so is rooted in research and innovation infrastructure that brings together global talent from across disciplines and economic sectors to tackle society’s most complex challenges and drive economic growth.

The UK has over 500 nationally and internationally significant research and innovation infrastructures located across the country, and several more around the globe. Broad investment in smaller-scale world-class laboratories underpins them.

Examples include large physical research facilities such as synchrotrons, research ships, scientific satellites and ‘living labs’ simulating how innovations might work in the real world. But we also specialise in knowledge-based resources such as scientific, cultural and artistic collections and archives, as well as high-powered computing systems, test beds and demonstrators.

In addition to providing a catalogue of research and innovation infrastructures across the UK, we have put together a representative snapshot of some examples of the UK infrastructure within and beyond UKRI. To appreciate the range of opportunities the UK provides please visit the case studies online.

The UK will build on its strengths and partnerships in research and innovation to tackle society’s most complex challenges. This means continuing to invest in world-class infrastructures and to attract and encourage collaborations. The UK will also remain a highly active partner internationally, contributing to and benefitting from the shared knowledge, expertise, data and capability that will shape our changing world.

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