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New project to tackle antibiotic resistant bacteria


New project to tackle antibiotic resistant bacteria

Research from a UK team could provide a breakthrough in how antibiotics treat bacteria.

Scientists working on a new collaborative project to increase our understanding on how antibiotics treat bacteria used a technique known as neutron reflectometry to examine how Polymyxin B, a last resort antibiotic, interacts with the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria.

These hardy bacteria are responsible for life-threatening diseases like pneumonia and meningitis, making them key targets for clinical research.

With the number of antibiotic resistant bacteria increasing in recent years, the ability to develop a way to combat this resistance could be essential for our future health.

The more scientists can learn about these bacterial membranes, and the interactions of drugs with them, the greater chance we have of targeting the threat of antibiotic resistance and the impact on our ability to treat disease.

Understanding the interactions of such antibiotics with the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria is of vital importance because four out of six organisms responsible for the majority of hospital acquired infections, are Gram-negatives.

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