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Research England interim website launched


Research England interim website launched

Ahead of Research England's launch in April 2018, an interim website has been published today. This website provides an introduction to Research England's mission and role in UK Research and Innovation as well as recent news stories which reflect its future functions. Prior to the launch of a permanent Research England website in April 2018, the interim site will continue to provide updates as this new council evolves.

Led by Executive Chair Designate David Sweeney, this new council, the ninth under the soon-to-be UK Research and Innovation, will take forward HEFCE's current England-only functions in relation to university research and knowledge exchange. This includes providing grant funding to English universities for research and knowledge exchange activities; developing and implementing the Research Excellence Framework in partnership with the devolved Higher Education funding bodies; overseeing the sustainability of the Higher Education research base in England; overseeing the £900 million UK Research Partnership Investment Fund; and the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF).

Further information

For more information about the website please contact Geoff Hill (g.hill@hefce.ac.uk).

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