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Space tech could have the answer to reducing food waste


Space tech could have the answer to reducing food waste

Scientists in the UK are working to develop new technology which will be able to ‘smell’ when fruit or vegetables are going off – potentially saving tonnes of waste.

According to the UK waste advisory body WRAP, 1,200,000 tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables are needlessly wasted each year.

The UK-based research team is hoping to develop a quick and cost-effective quality assessment solution for the food and drink industry, using a technique commonly used in space science. Not only would this help reduce waste, but crucially this will allow food suppliers to be able to pinpoint when the produce is at its peak condition, and therefore has the most nutritional value to consumers.

The research project has been funded by UKRI’s STFC Food Network+, which brings together researchers from different disciplines in the agri-food sector with the aim of solving some of the world’s greatest food sustainability challenges.

Find out more about the process on the STFC website.

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