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Space tech may hold key to sustainable food on planet earth


Space tech may hold key to sustainable food on planet earth

Space technologies may hold the key to safe and sustainable food supplies here on planet earth.

Scientists and engineers in the UK are exploring ideas taken from advanced space research to improve the lives of farmers and reduce food waste in developing countries.

UK expertise in cryogenics, the science of extremely cold temperatures, and of thermal engineering could bolster the food supply chain by reducing the amount of loss from farm-to-fork and by doing so, helping farmers raise their income.

A team are also applying technologies developed for space research to help tackle the amount of ammonia released by the farming industry.

They are investigating a technique for continuous ammonia monitoring that uses a gas sensing method originally developed for radio astronomy research and satellite-based Earth observation.

These are just two new approaches developed as part of the Food Network+, an interdisciplinary community that brings together researchers and facilities with research and industry in the agri-food sector.

The network met this week hosted by UKRI’s Science and Technology Facilities Council and aims to find sustainable solutions to the world’s biggest food security challenges, such as climate change and declining natural resources. Projects were showcased at the meeting and new ideas explored.

Find out more about the network and the other projects being funded here.

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