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Summer of Engineering – Being on holiday


Summer of Engineering – Being on holiday

From drones helping the fight against malaria, to slow-melting ice cream, engineering research continues to find ways to improve your summer holidays.

Throughout 2018, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is marking the Year of Engineering, a government campaign to celebrate the world of engineering and its impact.

The Summer of Engineering highlights innovative and often unexpected ways that UK engineering has an impact on your summer, including your holidays.

A project funded by the Medical Research Council combines high-tech drones and low-tech methods to map out where mosquitoes breed in Malawi. Not only could mapping mosquito breeding sites determine which areas are prone to malaria transmission, they could provide the information to reduce mosquito numbers in water bodies through environmental management.

A new food ingredient discovered by scientists at the University of Edinburgh could meant the end to sticky hands when eating ice cream. A naturally occurring protein, known as BsIA, binds together the air, fat and water in ice cream, creating a super-smooth consistency that is more resistant to melting than conventional products.

Find out more about how engineering impacts your holiday in our interactive infographic below.



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