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Support needed for local start-ups


Support needed for local start-ups

There is evidence of strong business growth across the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ region, but the West Midlands needs urgent attention, according to a new report published by the Enterprise Research Centre.

The UK Local Growth Dashboard 2018 report presents a set of growth metrics for start-ups and existing firms across the UK, particularly focusing on the 38 English Local Enterprise Partnership areas. The dashboard suggests a pipeline is needed to develop business growth at a local level.

The report introduces the SHGF ('small high-growth firm') measure, adopted from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, as a more comprehensive overview of growth in local businesses. The traditional measure of HGF ('high-growth firm') excluded firms with less than 10 employees in the first year of the three-year growth period.

London and the South East have the largest rate of start-ups, with the rate reducing towards the north and west. Start-up rates in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are generally much lower than in England. London dominates on both HGF and SHGF measures, otherwise it is the more peripheral parts of England together with the Northern Powerhouse cities of Liverpool and Manchester that record above average shares of SHGFs.

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