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Two UKRI-funded femtech brands win more awards


Two UKRI-funded femtech brands win more awards

Two 'femtech' companies - Callaly and Elvie - who have received funding through UK Research and Innovation's Innovate UK have been announced as Interactive Advertising Bureau's 50 Leading UK Direct-to-Consumer companies. The list also includes many successful and well-known new companies including gift delivery brand Don't Buy Her Flowers and homeware brand Made.

Callaly secured funding through UKRI's Innovate UK’s loan programme to scale up production of the first tampon design innovation in 80 years. The company continues to win more awards and accolades, including a another Innovate UK grant. Find out more in this Callaly video.

Innovate UK awarded Elvie (previously called Chiaro) a grant in its start-up phase, as it sought to leverage the latest developments in wearable technology and create a connected pelvic floor exercise tool. The firm has since attracted over £33 million of external investment.

Chiaro is part of Tech City UK’s Upscale programme of 33 most promising startups. It has also received celebrity attention, with its product having featured on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop website and been included in high-profile gift bags at the Academy Awards.

Some market research firms are expecting the femtech industry to reach £30 billion by 2025.

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