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UKRI Open Access update


UKRI Open Access update

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is undertaking an Open Access Review that will inform the development of UKRI policy. Open Access aims to make the findings of publicly-funded research freely available online as soon as possible, in ways that will maximise re-use. As outlined in the Strategic Prospectus, UKRI will now review the effectiveness of existing policies and make recommendations following the review.

Professor Duncan Wingham, Executive Chair of the Natural Environment Research Council and UKRI Executive Champion for Open Access, said: “Open Access is central to UKRI’s ambitions for research and innovation in the UK, as sharing new knowledge has benefits for researchers, the wider higher education sector, businesses and society at large.

“In conducting the Open Access Review, UKRI will look to enhance the benefits that can be derived improved access to UKRI-funded research, deliver sustainable support for open access and ensure UKRI has a joined up and clear policy“. We will undertake stakeholder consultation to ensure that the Review is informed by views from across the UK’s research and innovation landscape.”

The review is now underway and will report late 2019, with a new policy expected to apply in 2020. Information on the Review objectives, scope and process is available here.

Stakeholder engagement and consultation is key to the review. UKRI has invited a range of organisations and umbrella bodies representing key stakeholder groups across universities, research and publishing to an initial series of meetings over the next month, to gather initial views. Broader stakeholder engagement and consultation to inform the Review will take place in 2019.

Working internationally is important to achieve open access, which is why UKRI has joined cOAlition S in support of Plan S. UKRI will consider the Plan S principles within the broader Review of UKRI’s Open Access policies.

Today, Tuesday 27 November 2018, cOAlition S have issued some further guidance on Plan S and are inviting comments from stakeholders here.

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