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World 'Dark Matter Day': the search goes on


World 'Dark Matter Day': the search goes on

UKRI, through the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), is breaking new ground with Chinese scientific partners in the elusive search for ‘Dark Matter’, the as-yet-undetectable substance that, we think, makes up over 80 percent of the mass in our universe.

As one of over 100 events worldwide today (31 October) to mark ‘World Dark Matter Day’ UKRI China, STFC and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of High-Energy Physics are delivering an interactive expert lecture to an online audience of many thousands to help fuel excitement of the ongoing global search for dark matter.

The event will include a live satellite link between China and the UK’s Boulby Underground Laboratory, run by STFC, which has a strong legacy in the field of dark matter research, discussing some of the latest breakthroughs and challenges in this research field..

World Dark Matter aims to celebrate and explain what we do know about dark matter (a little), but also explore how much we have yet to learn (quite a lot).  Scientists agree: if and when we finally discover what dark matter ‘is’, so many truths about how the universe really works, and how we work within it, will be revealed.

Dr Xin Ran Liu from the University of Edinburgh, one of the scientists who has been involved in projects benefitting from access to the new dark matter scientific research coming from the STFC Boulby Underground Laboratory Project, will join fellow eminent scientists in Beijing on 31 October to present at the ‘Why The Dark Matters’ event, hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAM).

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