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Public engagement

Public engagement

UKRI supports world-leading research and innovation to create a more prosperous, healthy and sustainable society. Creating opportunities for people to discuss, create and participate in research and innovation is an important way to achieve this, because this makes research and innovation more relevant, impactful and trusted.

A renewed commitment to public engagement

UKRI’s new vision for public engagement has four ambitious goals.

We will support researchers, innovators and institutions to:

  1. Engage under-represented communities and places with research and innovation
    Some groups in society have many more opportunities than others to participate in activities related to research and innovation. We are committed to closing this gap through our public engagement programmes and partnerships.
  2. Actively involve a wide range of people in their work
    Active participation in research — such as citizen science or co-designing research projects with communities — can improve research quality, make it more relevant to society and have significant benefits for those who participate. We want to help researchers and innovators shift the balance of public engagement, from communication of research findings to active participation.
  3. Nurture a future generation passionate about research and innovation
    The UK needs an outstanding, diverse workforce if we are to secure our place in the world in the 21st century. Informal learning experiences at museums, science centres, festivals and school clubs are an important way for young people to engage with research and innovation. All young people should have access to these experiences, no matter their background or where they live.
  4. Listen to public concerns and aspirations
    The UK has pioneered approaches to understanding public concerns and aspirations for research and innovation. As the pace of innovation continues to increase, it is more important than ever that policymakers, funders, researchers and innovators are able to engage society in the development of plans and priorities.

Read our full vision document (PDF, 2.7MB).

Funding for public engagement

A list of our live funding calls can be found here.

Get in touch

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