How to apply for guarantee funding for European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) 2022 activities


Please use the Innovation Funding Service (IFS) system to register your project.

To find the right template use the search function. Enter the term ‘KIC’ in the search bar. The correct template is called ‘Horizon Europe Guarantee – EIT KICs 2022’.

On selection of this template, you will need to either register or log in with existing details before continuing onto the submission of your project information.

You will need to ensure all sections are marked as complete before submission will be accepted.

The templates we are using to register your project details are adapted from existing domestic competition types. For this reason, not every section or question on the form will be applicable. Instructions are given below to clarify where the steps or responses are not self-evident on the system.

If you have any queries about the form or submission process, please contact

Please find below additional guidance for specific questions during the application process.

Application details

Application title

Enter the full title of your project. If covering multiple activities within the same KIC, please name it ‘2022 [Name of KIC] activities’.

Estimated timescales

The IFS system is unable to register start dates in the past, therefore please enter the next day’s date if the project has already started. Q3 in ‘Application questions’ will give you an opportunity to state if your project has already started and provide the actual start date. The Grant Offer Letter will be issued with the correct start date.

Project duration in months

Only costs that will be incurred in 2022 are eligible for this part of the guarantee, therefore the maximum duration is 12 months and cannot extend beyond 31 December 2022.

Application questions

EIT-KIC identifier

You should submit one application per KIC that your organisation is involved in.

EIT-KIC reference number and supporting letter

Please include either an EIT-KIC grant reference number or a unique identifier from the KIC that relates to your claim and upload a supporting letter confirming the details of your project/activities from your KIC as an attachment.

The KICs have been provided with a which must be used for this purpose. This is a mandatory upload and failure to include this may delay the processing of your application.

UK funding contribution applied for

Please enter the value of the final anticipated EIT contribution for 2022 (in GBP) that you would have received had the UK been associated to Horizon Europe.

Please convert the Euro value confirmed by your KIC in their supporting letter using the maximum exchange rate £1: €1.160354.

Proof of success

Please up upload up to three documents supporting your claim. This must include at least one of:

  • a grant agreement issued by the KIC for 2022
  • an alternative proof of success.

Suitable alternative evidence could include an official letter or email from the KIC confirming that your project was accepted as part of the 2022 business plan for your KIC.

Success fee and equity conditions

Activities that involve the payment of a success fee or that place share-transfer or other equity conditions on the UK partner are not eligible to receive funding from the UK government’s guarantee.

Removal of success fee and equity conditions

If the activities covered by the requested funding involved the payment of a ‘success fee’ to the KIC on completion or had arrangements that placed share-transfer or other equity conditions on the applicant, then the KIC would need to remove these conditions for the activities to be in scope for the guarantee.

Project finances

Your project costs

Enter your total estimated costs in GBP as a single entry under the heading ‘Other costs’. This should match the value entered above in ‘UK funding contribution applied for’. Please do not enter costs under any other heading.

Your funding

Are you requesting funding?

Answer ‘Yes’ and then enter 100% funding level.

Other funding

Answer ‘No’ to this question.

Terms and conditions

Review the award terms and conditions and accept.

Review and submit

Click ‘Review and submit’ and, once you are happy with your application, press ‘Submit’.

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