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Funded projects

Awarded Projects

This interactive visualisation takes the projects funded by the seven research councils through the Global Challenges Research Fund (including investments through the Collective Fund), and provides an engaging way to explore the dataset. It enables users to ask questions of the data regarding the countries of focus and the challenge areas that are address. The aim of the visualisation is to allow users to satisfy their curiosity and quickly see areas of interest.

Note about the data

The data used in the visualisation comes directly from the applications to GCRF. All of the projects featured are awarded projects. Further information about the GCRF projects can be found on Gateway to Research or by clicking on an individual grant reference in the visualisation.

Some projects may have more than one country of focus and/or challenge area, in which case these projects will have been counted multiple times.

Co-funding is not represented in the visualisation, rather, awarded projects are affiliated to the administering research council only.

How to use the interactive charts and tables

The interactive map and table have a selection of views. Users can:

  • select a challenge area from the dropdown box at the top of the visualisation to filter the map and table
  • filter the summary table by selecting a country on the map. Click anywhere on the map to unfilter the selection
  • hover over a country of focus for more information.

The visualisation will automatically update when a selection is made.

If you are unable to view this tool embedded on this website, please visit the Tableau website.