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ESFRI Roadmap 2021

ESFRI UK Process

The European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) is updating its Roadmap of Research Infrastructures and has launched a process for new proposals to be considered for inclusion on the updated Roadmap which is due to be published in autumn 2021.

Details of the ESFRI process can be found here and the deadline for submission of proposals to ESFRI is 5 May 2020.

UK membership in ESFRI ceased on Friday 31 January 23:00 GMT. The UK continues to support the application process for new proposals to the ESFRI Roadmap 2021 in which the UK is participating. Applicants are advised to contact UK representatives using the email addresses below for any queries and for advice on eligibility rules for participation.

UK Submission Process

In the UK, proposals can only be submitted to ESFRI via the respective National Delegates or through EIROFORUM.

Proposers should therefore

  1. Complete the ESFRI Questionnaire for submission of proposals for Roadmap 2021 and
  2. Complete the UK‐ESFRI Project Form (PDF, 74KB)
  3. Return these by email to the ESFRI UK delegates Dr Gabriela Pastori, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council gabriela.pastori@bbsrc.ukri.org and Prof Andrew Harrison, Diamond Light Source Ltd andrew.harrison@diamond.ac.uk

The deadline for UK submissions is 10 February 2020 to allow the UK ESFRI delegates to qualify proposals and it takes into account the Christmas recess.

UK Guidance Notes

The ESFRI UK process will consider cases for UK partnership in new proposals. Proposals including the UK as a lead country will also be considered, however, applicants should be aware of potential implications in the context of EU Exit. Applicants will be updated on any changes that might affect their proposals.

The level of support for a project by UK Research and Innovation Councils, Government Departments or Devolved Administrations is a criterion that ESFRI will use in the assessment of candidate projects. According to ESFRI eligibility rules, the letter of support must be signed by national ministries responsible for the research infrastructure. Consequently, the ESFRI UK delegates will not put forward any proposal that does not have such support.

Please note that support from the UKRI Councils, Government Departments or Devolved Administrations at this stage is not a guarantee of funding, from any source, either now or in the future. Standard processes and procedures will apply should funding be sought.

Upon receipt of a proposal (the completed ESFRI Questionnaire and ESFRI UK Project Form), it will be forwarded to the relevant Council within UKRI, Government Department or Devolved Administration who will assess whether the project fits with their Strategic Priorities. This criterion must be met in order to receive support.

Candidate projects should therefore have previously been formally discussed/considered by the relevant UKRI Council, Government Department or Devolved Administration. Where this is not the case, proposers are advised against submitting a proposal. Proposals that fail to receive such support will be returned to the proposers who should contact the UKRI Council, Government Department or Devolved Administration for further information. Re‐submission before the deadline is possible.

Particular attention should be paid to the ESFRI requirement that all proposals are supported by at least three different EU Member States, Associated Countries or Third Countries (at least one of which should express a formal financial commitment to the project). See the ESFRI website for further details.

The ESFRI UK delegates will not assess proposals other than to ensure the completeness of the ESFRI Questionnaire and UK ESFRI Project Form. ESFRI delegates, acting either individually or on behalf of their Member State, are not in a position to influence the selection of projects. The lobbying of ESFRI delegates should therefore be avoided.

Applicants are advised to consult the UKRI Infrastructure Roadmap webpage and relevant reports.

Contact information

For further information or queries on the UK process please contact ESFRI UK delegates:

Dr Gabriela Pastori, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, UKRI gabriela.pastori@bbsrc.ukri.org and

Professor  Andrew Harrison, Diamond Light Source Ltd andrew.harrison@diamond.ac.uk

For further information on the ESFRI process, please refer to the ESFRI web site.