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Programme Background and Objectives

The objective of the infrastructure programme is to create a long-term (until approximately 2030) research and innovation infrastructure roadmap, based on:

  • an understanding of existing UK infrastructure
  • key international facilities in which the UK participates
  • future needs (research, economic and social)
  • resulting investment priorities

In addition, the programme will:

  • identify future research and innovation capability priorities
  • identify opportunities for increasing inter-connectivity
  • support development of UKRI's overall long-term investment plan
  • promote the UK as a global leader in research and innovation
  • set out the major steps needed to reach the long-term vision

It is not a direct funding programme. Lord David Willetts is the UKRI Board member who is championing this work.

Developing the reports

In addition to the Opportunities to Develop Our Capability Report and Landscape Analysis Report, the infrastructure roadmap programme produced two interim reports that summarised its emerging findings as the programme progressed. These initial findings were used to test emerging ideas and elicit further feedback, challenge and discussion to develop the main reports.

  • Initial analysis of infrastructure questionnaire responses and description of the landscape (published December 2018). This report is an initial analysis of the landscape of infrastructures that span research disciplines and cut across the research and innovation spectrum. Its publication helped us to identify and fill gaps in our data, yielding over 100 additional questionnaire returns and improve coverage of some subsectors which fed into the final Landscape Analysis.
  • Progress report (published March 2019). This report summarises key policy issues and identifies emerging themes and areas of potential capability that could be addressed by infrastructures identified through consultation with research and innovation communities so far. The report does not seek to make specific proposals or judgements on the funding or how to deliver them. A summary of the Progress Report (PDF, 436KB) is also available.

Consultation and engagement

The roadmap programme builds upon questionnaire data from over 900 infrastructures, universities and other organisations. A broad range of stakeholders, colleagues and organisations also provided substantial support and input through workshops, meetings, the programme’s Advisory Board and other networks.