Now more than ever, the world is facing challenges that need collective action. We live in a globally inter-connected world where everything from climate change, health and conflict, to food production and migration are linked and impact us all. We need to support a thriving research base if we are to bring tangible benefits to UK citizens and the UK economy as well develop solutions for a safer, healthier and more prosperous planet.

That’s why UKRI has been working closely with UK government teams over the last two years to ensure that the strength and reputation of UK research and innovation continues to deliver as the UK leaves the European Union.

In addition to teams working in Swindon and London, UKRI is directly supporting the UK research and innovation community through two teams based in Brussels, Belgium - UK Research Office (UKRO) and Innovate UK which has an additional base there.

This Brexit fact sheet from UKRO is regularly updated to provide helpful updates from the UK government:


The UK is a global research and innovation nation and its research base is a national asset.

The UK has achieved this position by being open to the world in attracting and investing in the best minds and skills in students, researchers, professional and technical experts and academics.

UKRI welcomes the UK government’s commitment to attract and retain world-class talent with £1.3 billion funding to guarantee the UK’s position at the forefront of innovation and discovery through the modern Industrial Strategy:

Horizon 2020 funding and the UKRI Portal

This European Union flagship programme focuses on excellent science, industrial leadership and tackling societal challenges. Across the programme the UK ranks only second to Germany in terms of project participations with UK researchers and innovators awarded 14% of all funds – totalling around €4 billion.

As we exit the EU, the UK government is underwriting all eligible grants for UK grant holders until the end of 2020. UKRI launched an online portal in September 2018 to ensure grant information is captured in case UKRI needs to deliver the underwrite guarantee.

Registrations continue to come in; we need all those with UK Horizon 2020 grants to register as soon as possible including those from businesses, research organisations, public bodies and charities. The portal will remain open after exit date. A link to the portal and a Q&A about the portal can be found here:

An overview of the UK’s participation in Horizon 2020 is here:  

A direct link to the portal can be found here:

If you have any enquiries about submitting your details to the portal please e mail:

Horizon Europe

This is the EU’s successor to Horizon 2020. The UK government has said it would like the option for the UK to associate to these research and innovation programmes.

This page will continue to be updated as new information becomes available.