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EU Exit Exceptional Cases

UK scientists, researchers and businesses can continue to participate in, bid for and lead projects in Horizon 2020, Euratom Research and Training, and the Research Fund for Coal and Steel, as if the UK remained a Member State, even now the UK has left the EU.

UK recipients will receive EU grant funding for the lifetime of individual projects, including projects finishing after the transition period ends in 2020.

There are two areas detailed below that grant holders need to be aware of, where there could be exceptions. Please note we are seeking further clarification on these from the European Commission.

If you receive notification from the European Commission that your project cannot continue you will need to contact UKRI: EUGrantsFunding@ukri.org

It is important that grant holders continue to comply with their grant commitments unless they hear otherwise from the European Commission. You should not take any actions to terminate your European Commission grant agreement.

1 – Ongoing grants - security-related sensitive information

A very limited number of UK Horizon 2020 projects, which involve access to security-related sensitive information restricted for EU Member States, may be unable to continue after EU Exit in their current form. The government expects the European Commission to inform participants if this is the case. Any affected UK grant holders should contact UKRI at EUGrantsFunding@ukri.org  

For these potential circumstances, the government and UKRI has established a ‘Continuation Process’ to provide funding to UK beneficiaries if their Horizon 2020 grant is terminated.


This is a standalone case-by-case assessment. You will be asked to demonstrate to UKRI that you can continue to deliver your research independently of Horizon 2020. If, after an assessment, the project is deemed feasible to continue as a standalone project, it will receive funding for the lifetime of the project, capped at the remaining value of the original grant award. Payments would be administered by UKRI but funded by the government.


This step is only relevant for projects deemed unable to continue as a standalone.

If it is not possible to continue with your research as a standalone project, then you will enter the Non-Viable Projects Process (NVP Process). This process allows beneficiaries to claim funding to cover their committed costs associated with closing the project down, should this not have been covered by the EU.

Committed costs will be capped at the remaining value of the original EU grant. UKRI will carry out a committed cost assessment which, once completed, will be approved and paid to the beneficiaries by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

If your project moves to step two, a committed claims form will be made available by UKRI.

If you have any further questions about this process, please email: EUGrantsFunding@ukri.org.

2 - Future bids – EIC Accelerator, 'InnovFin' and security-related sensitive information

EIC Accelerator and 'InnovFin'

While UK SMEs can apply for the grant-only funding route for EIC Accelerator projects, a clause in the Withdrawal Agreement on financial instruments indicates that access to blended finance (i.e. equity alongside grant) may not be possible. This could extend to the 'InnovFin' product range, which consists of a suite of tailored financial instruments. We are awaiting clarification from the European Commission.

Security-related sensitive information

UK entities could be restricted from participating in some specific project elements if security concerns are raised during the security scrutiny process of the European Commission’s evaluation. This is in line with the existing process for associated and third countries. We await clarification from the European Commission.

If you have any questions about either of these please email: EUGrantsFunding@ukri.org