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EU Exit Payment Process

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, the government will fund all successful competitive bids for Horizon 2020 grants submitted before EU Exit, even if grant holders are notified of success after exit.

For ongoing grants, the remaining euro value will be honoured  For new grants, the full euro value will be honoured.

UKRI is managing the delivery of the Guarantee if it needs to come into effect. This page provides more information about how the payments will work.

Preparing for payment

Make sure you submit documents that evidence the status of your grant so that guarantee payments can be made. Grant holders will need to ensure that their evidence is available after EU Exit and are advised to save copies of their documentation to their local admin systems. You should not submit this information until UKRI requests it. For details of documents to submit, see: https://www.ukri.org/research/international/ukri-eu-exit/euexit-preparing/ 

Once you have submitted your documents, you will then be required to sign a contract with UKRI before payments can be made. UK beneficiaries should not terminate existing contracts with the EU and should continue to sign grant agreements if requested to do so by the European Commission.

Currency information

Guarantee payments will be made in pounds sterling (£ GBP).

Your full remaining euro grant value will be converted into a notional GBP value. UKRI will provide a currency convertor tool on the UKRI website that will automatically convert the value of your grant in euros to a notional GBP value.

This tool uses the average daily European Central Bank (ECB) EUR to GBP rate over a period relevant to your grant. More detailed information will follow.

UKRI need this GBP value to make Guarantee payments through existing payment systems.

To ensure you can claim up to your remaining euro grant value, UKRI will reconcile your spend back to euros throughout the lifetime of your grant.


Payments will be made in line with UKRI’s business as usual processes for its domestic grants. The payment schedules are different to the standard H2020 grant payment schedule:

  • For HEIs, payments will be made quarterly in arrears
  • For businesses, charities and other organisations, and all Research Fund for Coal and Steel grant holders, payments will be made on a claim basis,  in line with UKRI’s business as usual processes for its domestic grants. 

Eligible costs

The government’s Guarantee covers eligible costs associated with H2020, RFCS, Euratom R&T grants and ongoing FP7 grants, and payments grant holders would have expected to receive from the European Commission will be honoured by UKRI.

Once UKRI has requested that you submit your documents they will be ‘onboarded’ onto UKRI’s systems. During this process the information listed under the headings provided by the European Commission will be mapped across into UKRI headings. UKRI will provide a ‘mapping’ tool to enable you to easily transfer this content across. It will also make available a currency convertor tool that will convert the euro rate provided by the European Commission into the pounds that UKRI will pay you in.

More detailed information about the process and the tools available will be provided in due course.

We are aware that ERC rules allow a researcher to work with organisations and researchers anywhere in the world to deliver their project.  For more information on this please see our Q&A.

If you have any questions, please see UKRI’s EU Exit Q&A or email UKRI at EUGrantsFunding@ukri.org