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EU Exit People & Mobility

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The UK’s research and innovation workforce contains people with a wide range of skills and at various career stages, working across academia and industry. This includes researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators, project managers, technicians and students. It is also supported by specialists who teach future researchers and innovators the skills that they need to succeed, upskilling the UK’s workforce.

All of these people are important for a successful research and innovation system and many of them are overseas nationals, bringing skills and expertise to the UK that enriches our workforce. They also promote international research collaborations, attract inward investment and become informal ambassadors, strengthening the UK’s trade, research and diplomatic links and enabling UK research and development, and society more broadly, to benefit from their contribution.

As the UK re-positions its relationship with countries around the world and delivers its ambition to substantially increase research and development investment to build its world-class research base, a rapid expansion of the workforce, and its mobility, is required.

The UK government has protected the rights of European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss citizens resident in the UK before EU Exit,  to give them rights in UK law, by opening the EU Settlement Scheme.They will have until at least 31 December 2020 to make an application.

If the Withdrawal Agreement is approved, all EEA and Swiss citizens who are resident in the UK by 31st December 2020 will be able to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme.

EEA and Swiss citizens moving to the UK after a no deal EU Exit will still be able to live and work in the UK for a temporary period. To remain in the UK after December 2020, EEA and Swiss citizens arriving after a no deal EU Exit will need to apply for European Temporary Leave to Remain, a 36-month temporary immigration status that will launch after exit.

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UKRI has submitted proposals to government around the mobility of research and innovation talent and will be updating information on this page as it becomes available.