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Extension to Article 50 - 17/04/2019

The government has reached agreement with the EU for a six-month extension to Article 50.  During this extension period, the UK will remain an EU member state, with all the rights and obligations that entails.

This means that the UK will continue to participate in all EU programmes, including Horizon 2020 and the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS), and recipients have been advised to continue to deliver their project under the terms of the existing Grant Agreement and claim funds in the usual way from the European Commission.

The government’s guarantee for certain EU-funded programmes still stands. In the event that the UK leaves the EU without a deal, the government will fund departments and the devolved administrations in full to make necessary payments to UK organisations under the criteria set within the guarantee. For further information on the government’s guarantee for EU-funded programmes can be found here:

The immediate risk of leaving the EU without a deal has been averted and the UK government remains focused on securing a deal that will ensure the UK’s smooth and orderly exit from the EU. Further advice on how you should prepare for EU exit will be provided as negotiations progress.

Anne Dixon, UKRI Head of Operations, said: “Whatever the timescales of the UK’s exit from the EU, we are continuing to prepare for all eventualities.

“UKRI would like to thank the research and innovation community for their efforts to register their Horizon 2020 grants onto UKRI’s portal and encourage people to continue to register details of any new successful grants onto the portal. We encourage all those who haven’t registered so far to do so as soon as possible. UKRI can keep the portal up to date so we can contact grant holders if the underwrite guarantee needs to comes into effect.”

UKRI’s Horizon 2020 portal, for collecting basic details about UK recipients grants and providing information as negotiations progress, will remain open.

If you haven’t registered your details with UKRI, please do so now:

Click here for further information on Horizon 2020 government’s guarantee and extension.

If you have any questions, UKRI has an email address for enquiries: