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UK Research and Innovation’s office in the British Embassy in Beijing facilitates the development of UK-China joint research and innovation programmes. It provides on-the-ground insight and experience working in China’s rapidly-changing research and innovation landscape, and boosts the visibility of UK excellence in science and innovation in a highly competitive market through coordinated outreach and stakeholder engagement.

Over a third of UK research and innovation investment in China has been brokered through the UKRI China office since its establishment in 2007. This constitutes more than £275 million in research council and Innovate UK funding across more than 60 joint programmes. In the same period, more than £150 million in UK research council funding has been awarded to independently coordinated bottom-up, curiosity-driven research and innovation activities with China.

UK-China collaborations have led to breakthroughs in sustainable manufacturing technology, unprecedented health policy reforms, innovative green energy projects and the establishment of a unique and influential biobank. UK Research and Innovation has joined forces with partners across government including the Science and Innovation Network, the Department for International Trade, the British Council and others to deliver innovative stakeholder engagement activities to alert China’s top minds to the advantages of such partnerships with the UK, and showcase opportunities in China to British academics, innovators and entrepreneurs.

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