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International Year of Plant Health 2020

International Year of Plant Health banner

The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2020 as the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH). The UN describes IYPH as “a once in a lifetime opportunity to raise global awareness on how protecting plant health can help end hunger, reduce poverty, protect the environment, and boost economic development.”

One of the UN's key messages for IYPH is “invest in plant health capacity development, research and outreach”.

This is where UK Research and Innovation comes in. UKRI are working to ensure the best possible environment for plant health research and innovation to flourish. 

We are a key player in tackling plant health challenges because we are working to find solutions to plant health issues to increase yields, reduce environmental impact and prevent outbreaks, as well as solving public health issues.  

We have access to knowledge and stories that are key to the success of IYPH because the UK plant health research and innovation community has achieved amazing things so far for the UK and the world.  

On this page, you will find examples of how UK Research and Innovation contributes to plant health.

To learn about how you can get involved in International Year of Plant Health in the UK, visit www.yearofplanthealth.co.uk