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Case study: Martin Ingram

Martin is a postgraduate Doctoral Training Partnership student at the University of Glasgow. His research focuses on examining how we can understand and improve the working relationships between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and their human operators, particularly by focusing on building and calibrating trust towards these systems. This is an incredibly important area of research within the field, as trust dictates how human users will come to use and rely upon AI and is therefore paramount in the successful adoption of many AI applications.

“When undertaking my doctoral training I have had the freedom and flexibility to pursue the skills training and research areas that interest me. This has helped to nurture my understanding of my research field, and has allowed me to produce research, which I hope, will be beneficial to other researchers within my field.

“I have benefitted from having access to academic researchers who are forward thinking leaders within their fields. Through my industrial collaborators I have gained further access to industry experts who have provided a valuable insight into areas of my field that would be otherwise inaccessible.

“The scope for applications of AI is growing steadily in a variety of industrial fields, and as such a wider variety of human users can expect to have some form of interaction with AI within their workplace. Furthering our understanding of the human factors that inform successful collaboration is vital for the success of these technologies, yet it is also important for furthering our understanding of how to improve the wellbeing and productivity for the users.

“My training has provided me with a wide variety of skills and experiences that I hope will prepare me for career in a dynamic and challenging field. The wide variety of research into the applications of AI should provide me with flexibility in moving my career forwards at the end of my PhD, either within or outwith academia.

The UKRI AI CDTs initiative will help to build research links between academia and Industry, provide the UK with a greater diversity of AI experts, and will also provide the UK with a platform to remain competitive as a location for the future research and development of AI.”