3.1.1-3.1.17 The application: Je-S proposal form


3.1.15 Ethical information

The ethical information sub-sections should be completed to give details of any human participation, research using animals, genetic and biological risk, and ethical committee approvals required. Section 5 of the guidance for applicants provides further guidance on this section of the Je-S form.

Applications that include the use of animals should be prepared after careful consultation of Section 4 of the guidance for applicants to understand the information that must be included when describing the experimental design and planned analyses.

Applicants for clinical and skills development fellowship schemes must also complete the honorary clinical contract and clinical details’ section.

Applicants who are not clinically qualified should answer ‘No’ to the question ‘Would an Honorary Clinical Contract (HCC) be sought?’ and enter ‘NA’ or ‘0’ in the subsequent required fields.

Clinically qualified applicants (including doctors, nurses, midwives, and allied health professionals) should indicate what level of HCC they will seek or their reasons for not seeking one, using the fields to outline how they plan to maintain their clinical skills during the tenure of the award. Applicants are also required to detail the number of clinical sessions/programme activities they are planning to undertake per week during the duration of the fellowship, the percentage of their time they propose to spend on clinical work and what percentage of that time will be directly relevant to their research project. As described in section 2.2, clinical applicants are able to spend up to two sessions a week on clinical duties as part of a full time award.

Applicants for the career development award or senior non-clinical fellowship schemes are not required to complete the HCC section and it is not included in the forms for these schemes.

Last updated: 9 December 2022

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